The FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to meeting the Canadian definition of recycled fine paper as found in Environment Canada’s National Guideline number ECP 08 89, une alarme. Alarme Ecp Automotivo Manual Alarme Residencial · Antenas e Acessorios · Automotivo · Baterias e Carregadores · Cancelas Rossi · Cerca. All references in this manual for number of zones . module, and the ECP Communications Device. 6. .. “manual bypasses” and will not be unbypassed upon.

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In its report “To know and be known’, the Task Force observed that organizations did not project a uniform, clearly identifiable image as functional parts of the same government. The need for guidelines was identified following a review of the message content in FIP applications such as forms, advertising, paid announcements, and signage.

A signature must alarmd functional. They can be used in most popular publishing software applications e. This should include the operational requirements and the surfaces suitable for the markings. C — Custodian department, the organization that administers and manages federal real property; O — Occupant, the federal organization that occupies the real property.

Their size may exceed The markings apply to all government owned or leased on-road vehicles, with the exception of vehicles on short-term leases and those that have been exempted see below. The fundamental idea behind a corporate identity program is that everything the janual does, everything it owns, every service it provides, should project a clear idea of what the institution and its goals are.

This means developing a visual identity for those applications not subject to FIP design standards. Table 1 shows the type size with the corresponding height of the symbol. Reflection density using Wratten 58 green filter should be not less than 0. The appropriate convention should be followed when writing the names of provinces, cities, streets and buildings in FIP applications.

For ease of reference, a code has been established for each standard size; i. The three grids are intended to accommodate texts of varying length. One method is a,arme adoption of a uniform fleet colour, and a number of institutions are now using a specific colour for that purpose. These signs communicate essential information about the facility, and about the government and its operations.


Federal Identity Program Manual

Signs conveying general information use blue or FIP dark grey, as appropriate. Included here are selected titles on the management of corporate identity and design. Advice on the procurement of typesetting and printing is available from Canadian Government Printing Services, Supply and Services Canada.

The concept of corporate identity and its management evolved over the last 50 years, and programs are now in place in most large organizations in the private as well as the public sector. Uniformity of sign placement should be part of the planning process. Critics refer to them as alphabet soup because few abbreviations are distinct identifiers or have manul potential of becoming widely known. All others who are involved in formulating messages or who alzrme responsible for the design, procurement or placement of signs will find it helpful to consult these guidelines as well.

Decals bearing messages unrelated to corporate identity should not appear in close proximity to the signature and wordmark. Typesetting of the signature and any accompanying mxnual shall be in upper and lowercase, solid, normal spacing between letters, with selective kerning applied to alsrme combinations of letters. Articles and prepositions at the end of a line should be avoided.

Federal Identity Program Manual –

The installation of an exterior sign may be subject to restrictions e. Messages should meet the needs of the public. Vehicle identification also serves to highlight ownership and assists in ensuring accountability on the part of operators.

The order by the official languages in the signature is determined by the language of the text used on each side Fig. The internationally recognized symbols of time, h for hour, min for minute and s for second should be used when expressing a measured time duration Fig. Generally, the upper left corner of the face of the mail piece is reserved for the return address of the sender. ecpp


Each institution is responsible for implementing these standards and guidelines and has named an official referred to as FIP Coordinator to manage its corporate identity.

When adopting colour codes, care should be taken to avoid possible conflict with the mahual established by the standard sign colours e. The values are based on the wlarme typeface see section 4. For functional reasons, the asymmetrical layout is recommended for applications such as signage and vehicle markings.

Ideally, the angle of displacement should be between 5 and 15 degrees e.


The corporate signatures serve to identify institutions as part of the Government of Canada rather than as separate, independent entities. Federal institutions may wish to establish their own library of graphic elements required for their corporate identity and suited to their particular computer environment.

It should not extend more than 0. Some of these factors may be beyond the direct control of the person planning the size and location of the sign, but two questions need to be answered:. The standard sizes are intended to manul general requirements for the common vehicle types. The position of the signature and return address on envelopes has been calculated to be compatible with postal requirements see Canada Postal Standards for details.

Table 3 shows the character size with the corresponding height of the symbol.

This type of sign includes area identification signs, directory boards, and signs related to health, safety, emergencies, and common services.

Studies of both the private and public sector indicate that organizations known for innovative management share similar characteristics:.

Such stocks should be replaced as soon as operationally feasible. The question is whether an organization manages its corporate identity in the most effective and purposeful manner possible.