The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges The Ventotene Manifesto – Swedish Version – Translation by Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Hannes. island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free and united Europe. The Ventotene Manifesto. Ventotene: The Altiero Spinelli Institute for. Il manifesto di Ventotene has 28 ratings and 0 reviews. Se vogliamo che l’Europa abbia un futuro, è allo spirito di integrazione che si deve fare riuferi.

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The ideology of national independence was a powerful stimulus to progress.

Jaroslaw Ciemnoczolowski marked it as to-read Jun 30, Francesco Gallo added it Mar 15, Mattia rated it it was amazing Jul 27, All reasonable men recognize that it is impossible to maintain a balance of power among European States with militarist Germany enjoying equal conditions with other countries, nor ventoten Germany be broken up into pieces or held on a manifsto once it is conquered.

This threatened to dissolve the State into countless economic fiefdoms, each bitterly opposed to the others.

The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges

This guiding principle is a natural feature in the process of forming a European economic life freed from the nightmares of militarism or national bureaucratism. They do not want to force the hand of “history”, or “the people”, or “the proletariat”, or whatever other name they give their God. A draft manifesto”, was drawn up by Altiero Spinelli and by Emesto Rossi who wrote the first part of the third chapter in kanifesto they were both interned on the island of Ventotene.

In appearance, these States might well be democratic and socialist on a large scale.

In others words an economic regime has substantially been preserved in which material resources and labour, which ought to be directed to the satisfaction of fundamental needs for the development of essential human energies, are instead channelled towards the satisfaction of the most futile wishes of those capable of paying the highest prices.


It will be the triumph of democratic beliefs. At the very moment when the greatest decisiveness and boldness is needed, democrats lose their way, not having the backing of spontaneous popular approval, but rather a gloomy tumult of passions.

Moreover, the end of the sense of security inspired and created by an unassailable Great Britain, which led Britain to Errore. In totalitarian States, the corporative chambers are the crowning hoax of police control over the workers.

The Ventotene Manifesto — Maltese Individual freedom is reduced to nothing since everyone is part of the military establishment and constantly called on to serve in the armed forces. Feelings today are already far more disposed than they were in the past to accept a federal reorganization of Vengotene. The manifesto called for a break with Europe’s past to form a new political system through a restructuring of politics and extensive social reform.

Today, the salvation manifesro our civilization is entrusted to these forces.

Ventotene Manifesto – Wikipedia

The courageous fighting spirit of Great Britain, even at that most critical moment when it was left to face the enemy alone, had the effect that the Germans came up against the brave resistance of the Russian Army, and gave America the time it needed to mobilize its endless productive resources.

Modern civilization has taken the principle of freedom as its basis, a principle which holds that man must not vi a mere instrument to be used by others but an autonomous centre of life. Wholesale nationalization ventitene the economy under State control was the first, utopian form taken by the working classes’ concept of their freedom manifetso the yoke of capitalism.

The nation States, in fact, have so deeply planned their respective economies, that the main question would soon be which group of economic interests, i. In particular, State schools ought to provide a real chance for those who deserve it to continue their studies to the highest level, instead of restricting these opportunities to wealthy students. Completed in Junethe Manifesto was circulated within the Italian Resistanceand it soon became the programme of the Movimento Federalista Europeo.


These recruits will be the solid network that will give consistency to the more ephemeral sphere of the sympathizers. The Ventotene Manifesto Italian: In this way, no-one will be forced any longer to accept enslaving work contracts because of their poverty. The crisis in these institutions must be boldly and decisively exploited. The printed edition was edited by Pieraldo Editore in Rome. Gatosheva is currently reading it Feb 24, It has even rekindled this yearning among the peoples in the Axis countries who realize they have been dragged down into a desperate situation, simply to satisfy their rulers’ lust for power.

Articles containing Italian-language text. If this end is achieved, the forces of reaction will have won. Repeated wars force men to abandon families, jobs, property, and even lay down their lives for goals, the value of which no one really understands.

Union of European Federalists (UEF): The Ventotene Manifesto

A Draft Manifesto Per un’Europa libera e unita. The Ventotene Manifesto — French 1. The uselessness, even harmfulness, of organizations like the League of Nations has been demonstrated: Stefano Gabici is currently reading it Ventoteen 22, Altiero Spinelli was an italian political theorist and an European Federalist. Men are no longer subjects with civil rights, but are instead arranged hierarchically and are expected to obey their superiors without argument, the hierarchy culminating in a suitably deified leader.