I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage They have a generally unified vision of humanity’s ascension, and want to The Technocracy saw the Sons of Ether as a liability to their. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a. All Sons of Ether must use Foci for their effects until they surpass Arete 5. possible in the paradigm of the other; this is known to others as the Ascension War.

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A T walking around with a hole in it’s chest, self-repairing with what looks to be Mercury and firing laser beams is just as unacceptable right now as someone shooting fireballs out of their palms or summoning a demon. With roots dating as far back as the Middle Ages and a series of changes through the modern day, the Sons of Ether have quite a convoluted background.

These disharmonic energies unfortunately tend to collect in the biomechanical patterns of the scientist, often causing unforeseen and possibly serendipitous errors in research mgae surprising changes to the local Model.

They believe that you can’t really control information, that people should be able to ascensiion it freely and do with it as they please. Over the next several decades, the Etherites alternately advanced cutting-edge theoretical sciences and renewed old ones. It remains to be seen whether they will survive to enjoy their ascensioj fame, or if it will merely bring xons down. From the “disproven” theories of yesterday, the Sons of Ether create the wonders of tomorrow.

Crowdsourcing Genius — You knew that the Sleepers were onto something with Kickstarter. Frankenstein and the Technocracy was Johns Hopkins.


The Technocracy is about controlling the narrative of rhe is possible, not empowering the individual to create their own reality or to bring their dreams, ideas, and innovations to fruition. Or am I mistaken in that? In fact, they are self-deluded Mages. The Sons of Ether are interested in creating and understanding a tje paradigm, or Model, based on their research and discoveries.


While many would scoff at them as simplistic, the four-color inheritors of Doc Savage and John Carter do have a certain nostalgic appeal. Think of “pure” magic as computer code and the methodology as the user interface through which they manipulate that underlying code. Sonw like to illustrate this technomancer point with an example: Egher is not clear why this should be so, other than the fact that six and multiples of six make working harmonization equations very easy.

Every single Etherite has his own spin on — well, just about everything. So I went and read it. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Cultures don’t just change in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Sons of Ether – Project Fiction

Fther balance their greater dependence vis-a-vis most of the Traditions there is a greater chance that magick will be perceived as coincidental when performed by an Etherite. Given their incredible diversity of theories, it’s a wonder that Sons of Ether manage to communicate at all. A few Etherites also experiment with mental powers, psychic phenomena, and pseudo-mysticism, especially the Adventurer types. It’s the absolute freedom to theorize, experiment, and dream beyond the purely Technocratic paradigm.

I recommend the Sons of Ether traditionbook. Lastly, the Adventurers are Scientists who rely not only on their command of Science, but their physical acumen, wits and daring to explore new parts of the world, fight “villains” and perform heroic deeds.

Research is currently being conducted in generating mirrored harmonics that may neutralize or actually reverse the energies emanation from Vibration 5. Those who opened their eyes to these possibilities, who strove to make something meaningful instead of denying opportunities, still carried the flag of the guild until its formation as a recognized part of the Order of Reason.

Magic The Etherites bear an affinity to the Matter Sphere. Otherwise, the Mahe hasn’t found a way to incorporate the ally’s Science into his personal studies, and he must wait to try again at the end of the next game.

All the mages understand how Consensus works, the Technocracy has made an organized and highly successful effort to manipulate the Consensus to match their agreed upon paradigm.


Both sides give little quarter when they come in conflict, and all Etherites would rather die than fall victim to Technocratic reprogramming. Nothing is “impossible” or a “dead end” — it’s merely an average that someone else decided not to explore.

They use tools, technology, and science as their methodologies in the same way that maye Chorister uses prayer, an Ecstatic uses drugs, or a Hermetic uses Enochian script.

The idea that sufficiently advanced science might as well be magic, to paraphrase a noted Etherite sympathizer, is entirely lost on them.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Their idea of Ether is not all that different from other occult ideas that would be shared by their contemporaries among groups like The Order of Hermes who might have alchemical view of something similar in a concept like prima materia. Etherite factions generally form from such gatherings. They’re top reliant on one vision, but they do make some useful toys. And acension continued to dream, and to build.


What has been ethee debunked by modern Psychology is your playground. So that means no Ether. However, the end of the Renaissance ushered in a technological age with possibilities heretofore undreamed of by mankind.

The end of the millennium has seen the Etherites take several promising strides. Keepers of the Wyck: This individuality makes it very hard for the Etherites to spread around their more complex notions and impressive theories, and even more difficult for them to adapt to the other Traditions. I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage an unexpected bonus in some M20 add-ons. Etherites like to point out that the Chinese had gunpowder for hundreds of years and did nothing better with it than make pretty lights.

Organization Given the fractious and chaotic nature of most Etherites, it’s not surprising that their Tradition follows suit.