READERS GUIDE. The questions below are intended to assist your reading group’s discussion of Lisa Unger’s fast-paced, thrilling novel. Attention: Plot spoilers. Instant New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger’s second sensational thriller featuring Ridley Jones “bursts from the starting gate and never lets up. Sliver Of Truth [Lisa Unger] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The worst among us sometimes act with virtue. She wondered, Is it possible, maybe even normal, to spend twenty years of your life with someone, to love that person more than you love yourself sometimes and then sometimes to truly hate him, so much that you think about taking your cast-iron grill pan and bringing it down on the top of his head?

I don’t know if I should be hating the author at this point for such a stupid implausible choice for her character, or hating the character! Incidentally, unless a book is atrocious, I generally finish what I start reading, and this was no exception—but, I did have to take a break every few chapters to read something less frustrating and more enjoyable for a while. Ridley and Dylan begin dating and are enjoying getting to know one another better. Go get the pair of them and read them now.

Questions and Topics for Discussion 1. I don’t normally like the read series out of order, but sometimes will just to try an author out and decide after whether to go back and fill in the gaps. Also, the book was a little heavy on the foreshadowing of future plot points. Indeed Ridley’s inquiring mind and need to find answers is key to the quality of this novel. Ungers books and will continue to read her but this was a low point. Ridley is utterly unlikeable. Best part of story, including ending: And it is in England where Ridley learns the terrible truth about Max.

He tells her, they are coming. The strong Ridley from Beautiful Lies is weak here. All the loose ends will not come together In a satisfying ending. This is a sequel to Beautiful lies and the story just picks up from where it left off.

In short, this was a major disappointment following the decent and entertaining first book. Ridley Jones is being careful about where she steps and trying to get on with her life when a seemingly mundane act—picking up a few envelopes of prints at a photo lab—puts her at the nexus of a global network trugh crime. This is the follow-up to Lisa Unger’s first novel, Beautiful Lies.


For me it was informative since I trutb read the first book but it was still a really weird feeling. Looking for More Great Reads?

Sliver of Truth

And truuth I know. Inside she finds out the true evil he is capable of. Max, an abused child himself, was a self-made real-estate developer and the shadowy head of the Project Rescue organization, which ostensibly saved at-risk children from abusive parents, but in some cases actually abducted children and placed them in foster homes.

And with everyone looking for Max, possibly at the center of a sex slave trade, rtuth trail leads naturally to Ridley, the beloved daughter he will surely reveal himself to at the novel’s 11th hour. To view it, click here. In this sizzling sequel, a shadowy figure in a trio of photos prompts Ridley to wonder whether Max is indeed dead.

Charged with relentless intensity and kinetic action, and playing out with unnerving suspense on the streets lsa New York and London, Sliver of Truth delves deep into the shadowy world of Ridley Jones, a terrified but determined young slivrr at once hunting down a ghost from her past and running for her life.

Yuck – apparently a sequel, since she frequently refers to the first book. Ridley Jones thought all her troubles were over, but they get even worse now.

Ridley tells him, she can’t, she needs to know if Max is still alive. These add an extra dimension to the story.

When Dutch stands up, he drops something in her pocket. Sliver is more international in scope.

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Someone else claimed to be her father, too, and there was no reason for her or the readers to think he wasn’t. Sliver felt so different from Beautiful Lies. It was fast-paced, the plot was intriguing, the ending was good and the characters were interesting, relatable and complex.

Where book one was a taut thriller that kept me turning the pages this o As a sequel to Beautiful Lies this was a huge disappointment. Jake apologizes to Ridley for deceiving her and tells her that it meant something to him. Dylan grabs his gun and when the shooter walks into her hospital room, he shoots him. Probably one of the worst books I have ever read. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. Opinion about the main character: Read reviews that mention beautiful lies sliver of truth lisa unger ridley jones project rescue uncle max twists and turns dylan grace read beautiful sequel to beautiful new york biological father fbi agent freelance writer well written max smiley boyfriend jake look forward agent dylan highly recommend.


Like the way the author uses the word crumble in place of the word crumple. Can this speaker let one thought go unspoken? My favorite scene was at the end, when Ridley had the opportunity to shoot her father and couldn’t. Having said that I don’t think I will go back and read that one now.

Started out slow and I was a touch disappointed at first; then it started to roll and I realized that at every twist and turn, every scene change, every page, I had no clue what had been coming and where the story was headed from there.

So Ridley Jones is a writer who discovered in Book 1 that her whole life has been a mirage, her family were involved in a complicated scheme to rescue babies from abusive families and sell them to rich adopters, that her Uncle Max, who is actually her father, was behind it all, and her boyfriend was a killer.

The information contained in the folder reveals many Albanian and terrorist contacts and what their crimes are.

Sliver of Truth by Lisa Unger – Reading Guide – : Books

The plot was fairly ridiculous in a Jason Bourne kind of way, but it was an enjoyable enough read and I will give this author another kisa in due course. Not many people can get out of a hospital bed after they have been shot in the abdomen and proceed to run away like she did! Or maybe these thoughts were just a result of one of her random yet tempestuous perimenopausal moments.