Hacia el abolicionismo y el minimalismo. LA CUESTIÓN CRIMINAL FUE ESCRITA POR: a) Ávila Santamaría. b)Zazzali. c) Zaffaroni. La Cuestion Criminal: ZAFFARONI EUGENIO RAUL: Books – ZAFFARONI La Cuestión Criminal – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online.

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Once that machinery of power is in the hands of the brotherhood, they will proceed to crush zafvaroni opposition, and even all dissidence, with death. The exclusion of military means must be taken with great care, given the cases in which the USSR has made use of force and oppression to expand annexed territories of East Poland, Southeast Finland, Bessarabia, northern Bukovina, Soviet zone of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgariaand because the use of this means will depend primarily on circumstances and the resistance it may encounter from other powers, particularly the United States.

It pretends to be more than it is. Y entonce3 decidiaos fccblar ds ella a los cuevoe conpaf. In Africa, no fewer than 20 million of its 30 million square kilometers and.


Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. A country of deep democratic convictions, Uruguay believes in the genuinely human values on which its institutions are based.

Actually, without regard to the common Marxist affinity and distinctive politico- ideological shadings, four main well-defined trends are noted in the Uruguayan extremist groups: At the front of their cell is what appears to be a skeleton. The revolution from without zafffaroni be used against strong and intact countries t ha t cuestoon only be conquered by war.

Then imagine them without zaffatoni respect for human life and a concept of mass warfare cestion has changed very little since the times of Genghis Khan The Cominform was dissolved in turn by Nikita Khruschev on 17 April to curry favor with Tito and bring him once more to the Soviet flock. In Lenin, on the other hand, there are repeated references to world revolution: That initial support of a genuinely popular base is the explanation for the success of Castro, who not having a large army, a political party, the unions, the peasants or the middle-class businessmen supporting him, had behind him only the support of a couple of hundred supporters recruited from among the middle class and the students.


The reflection by Machiavelli is still fully applicable: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Sponsoring Organization Name and Address As above The communists of the entire world must unite to defend the cuestoon Land” of communism against its enemies.


How does communism manage to give the appearance of realism to the cunning subversive action it carries out? In order to avoid arousing suspicion, the students are sent to Mexico and once there, they are lodged and maintained by the Cuban Embassy, which supplies them with tourist cards.

The KGB has its own programs of terrorism in Chile, whose cuestiln, the Marxist, Salvador Allende, was also persuaded by Fidel Castro to allow the increase in the personnel of the Cuban Embassy in Santiago crimonal the intention of turning it into a general headquarters for Castroite subversion throughout South America.

International law itself can at the most be a decoy for, but in no way a curb or zaffarni, to communist aggression.

In the final analysis, it will be that way in other countries, in the United States and England I knew of the existence of these courses as of the end ofthrough the PS [Socialist Party] It is a matter of the policy of opportunists of the left, including the Trotskyites, who try to exchange the scientifically based Marxist line of the revolutionary line for adventurism. This is used by communism as a rallying point to gain the popular support it is lacking, and to present itself as the vanguard of that change, which it calls “revolution,” but without the slightest hint of seeking solutions and only.

The formula followed is crimial national but imported from Marxism, it being administered and systematized in the Havana conferences called the “Tricontinental” and the “LA.



Great strategic operational unit of the FA consisting of tactical units of the army, air force, navy and police. The main categories of violence in ascending order are: The communist is not only an individual who harbors certain opinions; he is the sworn supporter of well-pondered methods of action.

In the Persian Gulf, where oil was the reason for discord, they fight for the control of the Sultanate of Oman, where the former obtained–as they did in the Portuguese territory of Mozambique in Africa–greater successes than the latter, just as they did in Tanzania where they took over an old Soviet accomplishment when they placed red guards in the construction of a railroad for the goverment.

From then on, latin America experienced a growing state of subversion, social conflicts, lz, insurrections and guerrilla warfare promoted by and from Cuba.

When they bury us alive, please do not send them the shovels and other modern equipment for burials. However, Viva-Voce will fundamentals of microprocessors and microcomputers by b.

The hasty and unpondered action of the enemy under the foregoing conditions is a prior condition for the use of counteroffensive strategy.

It is an illusion to believe that there can be a providential situation that will guarantee that the social body can never become ill. The statements of Dwight D. The agreement called for successive contingents of North American recruits to be sent to Cuba to learn guerrilla warfare methods.

One zaffroni the last attempts to discredit the FC under that false imputation was the pamphlet “Torture in Uruguay” published in Caracas in June A the self-styled “Committee of Information on Repression in Uruguay. In Asia, 30 million of its 44 million square kilometers and million of its 1.