This service manual is written for use by qualified service personnel only. . The Kurzweil KR offers the same powerful features as the K including. Manuals and User Guides for Kurzweil K, KR. We have 5 Kurzweil K, KR manuals available for free PDF download: Supplement Manual, . View and Download Kurzweil K, KR service manual online. Service Manual. K, KR Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Failure of this test indicates a defective connection between the CPU’s IRQO pin and floppy disk controller, and could identify the cause of malfunctions in the floppy disk drive. Two or more SCSI devices – they can be computers, hard disks, printers, just about anything that sends or receives information in standardized form – are connected via special cables to their SCSI ports. Many of the effects devices available today use digital signal processing techniques. SCSI individual test without drive: Macro On Indicator The product should be serviced by qualified service personnel when: If there are checksums that do not match, the display will show either “Even Fail” or “Odd Fail.

Creating A Directory With Newdir Variable Architecture Synthesis Technique; the term created by Kurzweil engineers to describe the multi- faceted capabilities of the K, which combines sample playback ROM and RAMand waveform generation with a broad array of processing functions. If using a multiple outlet box, check its plug.

You may find the following booklet prepared by the Federal Communications Commission to be helpful: The test entails sending a test data pattern from the floppy disk controller FDC to the floppy disk drive FDD and back. Remove bottom of shell as per 3.

The K uses V. If you experience any hearing loss or ringing in the ears, you should consult an audiologist.


This product, either alone or in combination with an amplifier and speakers or headphones, may be capable of producing sound levels that could cause permanent hearing loss. Pressing Open On Directories Sixteen trials are performed to determine the signal voltage to an accuracy of one part in 65, and the whole process requires 24 microseconds 1.


The number and size of the SIMMs installed in the unit determine which blocks are used. Sampling With The K The Main Page Do not attempt to service the product beyond that described in the user maintenance instructions. Carefully lift the assembly consisting of both boards and the metal chassis from the unit.

R provides a minimum load if the power supply is ever operated with no other components on the board. Incorrect voltage selection setting. Adjusting the rate of the LFO will change the repetition rate of the effect.

Any other problems such as distortion, disk errors, or lost data are cause by something other than line voltage fluctuations. File Name Compatibility The battery voltage should remain on the display but early serial number units may display it only briefly.

Pull the latches on each end of the socket outward, kurzwsil the SIMM to a vertical position, and release the latches.

Kurzweil K2000, K2000R Service Manual

Each of a program’s layers uses its own algorithm, which determines the type of synthesis each layer uses to generate its sound. Its value of 15K converts a maximum signal peak of 6 volts to a current peak of uA. The reset circuit described later immediately asserts RESET to all microprocessors and mute circuit s.

In order to minimize audible hum, they must be kept away from the power transformer and the low-voltage wiring between the transformer and J20 which also produces a magnetic field because of the large currents flowing.

This test is intended for use with an oscilloscope connected to the K’s audio output, and enables analysis of the purity of the sine wave generated. Auditioning Objects In Ram This voltage is applied to the pressure strip through J These blocks, A-D, represent internal divisions of the address space; and do not correspond to any physical division of the sample RAM.


Adjust the display contrast if necessary with the Contrast parameter in Master mode.

Each board has an 8 column by 8 row keyswitch matrix which covers 32 keys with two switches per key. The “five- step sampling option test” checks the integrity of the sampling option board and its connections to the CPU.

If the layer kurzwweil panned all the way to the left or right, the separate outputs function as individual monophonic outputs with respect to that layer. Care should be taken to minimize the amount of dust in the environment. This is done by writing an arbitrary test data pattern to memory and kurzweiil it back, comparing the written data to the read data. The ID of an object determines in which bank it is to be stored.

Each K program can contain up to three layers – except drum channel programs, which can contain up to 32 layers. All voltages in this section will be given for the volt configuration. Inspect for proper installation – make sure the ICs are mxnual seated into the sockets and that none of the pins are manuall. Each of the eight blocks corresponds to 8Mb of available RAM.

Unless otherwise specified, failures will be displayed as described in the previous paragraphs. R and D19 together make a 0.

A 75 watt transformer is sufficient for the K The oscillations in voltage are analogous to the waveforms of the sounds they generate. Your audio configuration is determined by two factors. When analyzing the results of these kurzqeil, the result should be a PASS message for each test. System Software Versions 2 And 3