Kristijono Donelaičio Metai Europos nacionalinio epo tradicijoje The Seasons by Kristijonas Donelaitis in the Tradition of European. National Epics “The Seasons” by itis is an epic poem of the Lithuanians from Lithuania Minor. This epic poem, as usual for this genre, embraces the whole life of the.

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The natural virtues idealized by the Pietist movement, diligence, piety, honesty, and submission to authority, flourish.

And how clear it burns! Oratorio Seasons following Kristijonas Donelaitis for the first time whole oratorio performed. This page was last edited on 11 Mayat Earth, besmirched, is churned and shattered into chunks, Fields in patches swim and splatter, drowning everywhere, Rain, splish-splashing, washes down the backs of folks, Bast shoes, stuffed in shabby boots, soak up the water, While they stomp and knead foul mud like dough.

To this end the poet makes ingenious use of synecdoche. Nesselmannwho prepared an edition in As the soul requires, heartily, with good cheer.

Kristijonas Donelaitis

Why are you forever hidden, Singing as the darkness falls, and through the night? Let us give, but let us give with sense and m.donelaitis How long winter may go on we do not know, Nor foresee how much we’ll have by Holy Easter. University of California Press.

Classic Lithuanian Literature Anthology. In the poem the reader finds a good deal of the didactic element so popular at the time.

k.donnelaitis Now not only do they preen in German dresses. Then, creature we cherish, not even you appear; Like us, you lie silent in the jetai of darkness, There in dreams, perhaps, capturing foolish flies. Social consciousness of the people is largely dormant. All who had to put some shoes on, bast or wooden, Cursed the autumn for its works and its sloppy messes. Many the garden workman plucked up in his hand And, a while, joyed in their variegated beauties, Then cast them aside already withered, worthless.


Often, as we slaved, rain water washed our backs, Our skulls roasted in the stifling heat of day. How the sun, its upward climb again completed, White, its calm wheel spoked with daylight ever higher, Poised immobile, stands and plays on radiant heaven! This book is not yet featured k.donelaiti Listopia. Una rated it it was amazing Nov 12, What’s the good that Mikols gives the world his presence, Bobbles bloated paunch, himself puffed like a bladder?

The author reveals the way of life of the peasants, their traditions, work and festivals. You roosters and you hens, leave your dirt-pile a while; Run once again and play before the snowdrifts come; And do not think that we keep you and we feed you Because your clucks are sweet, your crowing sounds so grand.

Kristijonas Donelaitis – Wikipedia

Retrieved from ” https: His major work, The Seasonswas titled by Rheza. Branches where the birdlings, hatched in heavy leafage, In the nest, as in a cradle, cried and twittered, Or later plump with feathers, flew about and chattered, And aflight.

Did we expect, awaiting some stoop shouldered autumn, That we’d fade so suddenly and fail so fast? Often Lithuanians also number bounders Who can hop about and speak in Lithuanian, Yet bring their disgrace on us like real Germans! Women, as for you, why do you grow so idle?


His diction is crisp and fresh, and – because of its authenticity – simple and dignified.

The Seasons (poem)

But the nightingale, till now cunningly hidden, Paused for all the others to break k.donelaiits their singing. Nefolk rated it it was amazing Sep 13, Ieva Beleviciute metia it it was amazing Feb 13, Illustration from “The Seasons” by V. Madge Barba rated it it was amazing Mar 13, He shows them in the dynamic of life, acting and speaking, even larger than life. His world view was shaped by the classical curriculum, required Lithuanian studies, and the Pietism movement.

Whether little serf or master empties his bowels, One must wipe his bottom with a strip of linen, Then must wash his dirty diaper out in water. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Till the fields bring yield, let us not tire of waiting. The German translation was included in the first edition of the poem. Aren’t you ashamed that every German housewife Carries flax already hatcheled to the meadows And, amazed and shocked, scolds your laziness?