This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about Based on John Kotter’s pioneering work on how to make smart change. I came across “Our Iceberg is Melting. Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions” when looking for a book on organizational change. ixty copi in June, enluat~ its rif~et on our chan.e rifor t, and th~n ord~”””- fi . Iceberg. Is Melting. C/u”‘lIi”ll and S1JCC«di”ll. Undo- Any Conliitions. John Kotter.

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This quote opened my eyes to realize that not everything is theory.

The illustrations help in explaining the 8 principles that help in bringing about change, using leadership and crisis management. And these lessons are becoming ever more important as the world around us changes faster and faster. Can you guess which expert on dairy products writes the foreword to the parable of the penguins? From the outset, we had a group of complacent penguins who have to deal with the danger of a melting, cracking iceberg which by the way, was never demonstrated or validated in the story.

As found on this website of penguin facts: People who don’t work in the corporate world often succumb to the temptation to believe in wild conspiracy theories about plans for world domination by evil corporate overlords.

To keep a program successful strive harder and have faith. January 19, Imprint: Icebreg you have to stick with the plan and keep on working hard.

John Kotter has been on the faculty at Harvard Business School since Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions. If there are a number of elementary school level books that discuss change, then is change actually possible when there is no shortage of newly published reflux in this genre?


All the things that they had to go through to overcome this challenge, and all the steps that they went through to succeed. The tale “is one of resistance to change and heroic action, seemingly intractable obstacles and the most clever tactics for dealing with those obstacles” quotes from dust jacket. How does Fred go about convincing them?

The book was about changing in a group, most of the times we are around people. There are a lot of these theories, practices or rules that authors of management or business books twist, rename and ie they have a new bestselling book.

Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions, John Kotter

Refresh and try again. The 8 phases of change management according to Kottler are: She was a fear-monger who sold the concepts of imminent danger and immediate threat to scare people into action. Este fue un buen libro me gusto mucho. I know that change is inevitable and that people are more often than not resistant to change, hence the need for change management.

And believe me, I have paid my dues as far as abusive corporate training sessions are concerned: Create a new culture. Why Smart Executives Fail. It’s packed with many hidden examples and it’s easy to ojhn them, when you need it most.

We all enjoy being recognized for our achievements. He is the author of eleven award-winning icsberg and frequently gives speeches and seminars at Harvard iis around the world. Praise for Original Edition.

Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter

He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Company visitors from the USA. Most of the denizens of the Antarctic penguin colony sneer at Melring, the quiet but observant scout who detects worrying signs that their home, an iceberg, is melting.

A good book about change management narrated in a very simplistic language and in the method of storytelling. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Law of Success, The. But still, companies facing change bought volumes of this book and distributed to meltiing employees hoping that this will change their mindset and behave like stupid mice.

Our Iceberg is Melting

Awaken the Giant Within. Aug 14, Ideberg Noble rated it it was amazing. The two con men just added some details that are obviously included in the steps because everybody facing changes can think about them.

This book was written as a fable of a group of penguins, they acted exactly the same way as humans.

Our Iceberg Is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

The penguins are living happily on their iceberg as they have done for many years. The book accurately “types” people in a creative way, and subtly offers real tips for persuading large groups of people.

Also, we all want to be counted. If your iceberg is sinking, Mr. Your Brain at Work. The main theme of the book is how change can be very difficult and it should be worked out with good planning and team effort. When the alarm is raised that the group needs to move to a more stable piece of ice the others in the group respond in very familiar ways: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

These books take complex and sometimes fear-inducing subjects like change and present them in friendly ways to help readers understand how they can deal with them in their business and personal lives.

Finally, do penguins actually live on icebergs? It is making a difference for us.