by Joel Salatin. Everything I want to do is illegal. As if a highly bureaucratic regulatory system was not already in place,. 9/11 fueled renewed acceleration to. Everything I Want to Do is Illegal by Joel Salatin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I’m not sure where to begin. Unlike the first two Joel Salatin books I read this one turned out to be less than inspiring. It evoked sadness, anger.

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Instead of facing the reality of their role, they create illogical justifications, and distance themselves from their actions and the results of those actions. And when an alternative, parallel system is allowed to exist, our culture is richer as a result.

Everything I want to do is Illegal | Polyface Farms

Joel Salatin is quite outspoken on this subject, everuthing as you read through his war stories true accounts of the battles he and his cohorts have faced as farmers who are trying to make a difference and keep their products local and environmentally responsibleyou, too may find yourself hyperventilating with fury.

Book ratings by Goodreads.

Joel Salatin is my hero. You are in essence a slave. Joel, unfortunately, has had the undesirable visits from far too many pin striped suit employees. The first thing he addresses is: They are ending lively hoods. Everything I Want to Do is Illegal: Small-time farmer takes on big-city bureaucrats. I hope these stories from my heart to yours have taught, entertained, and stirred you to never take dinner for granted.

Everything I Want to Do is Illegal : War Stories from the Local Food Front

He tells of one regulator who came by, looked at his operation and said it looked good. To sum up everything Joel Salatin has to say in this book Joel Salatin is my hero. Jun evergthing, Bre rated it it was amazing. But a good starting point is to learn from an in-the-trenches farmer like Joel Salatin.


I may not agree with him on much politically but I was right there with him in understanding what he was talking about until the part in the chapter about Taxes where he randomly brought up his view on abortion. If you have any interest in farming, jole food communities, organics, environmental stewardship, crony capitalism, liberty and fighting tyrannical regulations, all from a non-partisan outsider, then his book is well worth a read.

Often, this is because the regulations are written in such a way that they favor the large producers and fo it so that small producers cannot compete.

Salatin makes it easy to understand his point of view by walking the reader through several scenarios that he’s experienced firsthand. To top it off watn he goes to the facility to pick up his processed meat and returns home to sell the product the eevrything zoning ordinance says the the meat is a manufactured product because it exited the farm and was re-imported as a value-added product, throwing the small farm into the same category as Wal-Mart, which is also illegal evergthing agricultural zones.

I could see how this makes sense for large factory farms where workers have to wear Hazmat suits to access the animals safely, but for a small farm it makes no sense whatsoever.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You would have thought they would just ban the use of animal byproducts all together, considering cows are herbivores, but that would make too much sense. The best part of this book is that the author is not writing a theoretical tract.


Everything I Want to Do is Illegal : Joel Salatin :

Then they laugh at you. Salatin and his family saoatin role models for a way of farming that is regenerative, respectful of animals and the land, producing safe, healthy food for the people in the community, and also giving them a direct connection with the land and the food it produces. Apr 16, Kelda rated it really liked it Shelves: Anyone who thinks everythlng farmers have it easier needs to read this book.

At times it’s hard to remember that he’s in his early 50’s because he reads as if he was that movie character, everytging crotchety “old timer”, who answers the question “How are you? Talk about food safety priorities gone astray.

What benefit do we get out of this? Designated areas and up to-code everything — handrails and the works. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I applaud Salatin’s work and think he’s ddo that a lot of t Salatin’s engaging and persuasive argument rests on the fact that he, as a highly intelligent, moral and ethical man, wants to do the right thing. And the food police are going to bring more heat with the increasing numbers of people becoming interested in nutrient dense foods.

Oct 27, John rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a personal commitment. They want to enslave you, control you, and they do this by pulling a blind over your eyes and telling you tha This book needs to come with a warning that reads, “WARNING: If I could rewrite it to get rid of dverything former list of issues, it would be my bible.