Adam & Evil (Opposites Attract) [Jaid Black] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Julia Cameron wants to settle down with a sensitive, New. Adam and Evil (White Hot Holidays) – Kindle edition by Jaid Black. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ Adam and Evil by Jaid Black – book cover, description, publication history.

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All She Wants by Jaid Black

It was like one of those bad, karate movies where the dubbing is done really badly and never matches the lip movements, and the main Asian protagonist guy always has hoards of henchmen after him whom he will almost comically knock out by using a harness we don’t see onscreen to excrete all over the face of gravity.

Julia Cameron wants to settle down with a sensitive, New Age soul of a man, one not afraid to show his emotions. God forbid, this woman does nothing by half measures; she went so far that they’re not even characters anymore – every named person in this book was a caricature of some stereotype.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The first words she says to offensive-man are rude, which I then forgive because she’s tired of her father sending her milksops and it’s faster to weed them out this way. Preview — Adam and Evil by Jaid Black. Interesting trio of erotic stories that I rate 3.

Adam and Evil

This is a short book about Julia and Sam who’s plane crashes and they are trapped in an island. However, the sparks fly between them and Adam is Soooo! Maybe jaod because Jjaid is an experienced submissive, she’s done it all before, and I prefer a couple to experiment together.

A straight and faithful adaptation. Doina Alexandersen rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Jaid Black is one of my guilty pleasure writers whom I’ll very occasionally cave and blacl myself to read, so therefore having read enough of her work, I know not to come to it looking for anything even vaguely resembling consistency where her logistics rvil concerned.


May 02, Geli rated it liked it Shelves: Flo James rated it liked it Apr 21, Aug 20, Denise rated it really liked it. Nov 16, Tracey rated it liked it Shelves: Just as I did when on her flight with this offensive man, the plane suddenly starts flashing and deploying oxygen masks and dropping out of the sky for no apparent reason, then again when the passengers are happily floating on their seats in the ocean, obnoxious heroine takes a nap and floats away from everyone else except the offensive man, but in this time he somehow managed to forage food and jair knife from the remains though the knife should have sunk immediately, and I find it hard to believe that like God was sending manna from Heaven, peanuts and stale pretzels would just be magically floating on the water for ONLY the protagonist and anf swine of a love interest to hoard but run out of in two days.

Adam & Evil by Jaid Black – FictionDB

But Black tries her darnedest to pat the heroine’s back by giving her a PhD in botany which she later uses to literally sniff out sugar cane as though that could ever save anyone from starvation, provided it was even possible! Now I don’t know whom he expects to be barefoot and pregnant for him, but he has another thing coming. Adam and Evil by Jaid Black.

Jennifer Porter added it Oct 13, In the meantime, this story is tried and true Jaid Black fun and sexxxiness at its finest. Shiloh Walker’s His Christmas Cara is an interesting blend of “oh, please” jaic “well, t Jaid Black’s Adam and Evil was a good plotline with a sudden bit of the Master-submissive but, as per Black’s usual, extremely poorly written. Aug 30, Jane Stewart rated it really liked it Shelves: Immortal Fiction added it Sep 25, Which was not great for me jair I hate male dominated bdsmafter which Mr.


Offensive suddenly decides he’s in love with Dr.

The most obnoxiously represented hippie Evkl seen in a long time; he speaks about things that are uncomfortably intimate in shallow conversation like his chest acneis well educated but only so that he can be as pointedly environmentally conscious as humanly possible, and he doesn’t believe in modern medicine because he thinks the industry, rather like capitalism, is corrupt.

Sheesh, a couple times I paged back to see if I accidently flipped two pages instead of one, as it seemed like a logical plot progression was missed.

Along with the help of the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future Eben learns to take a chance on love again. A botanist whose father literally sends her a man – a chauvinistic, entitled, though at times clever, blight on existence.

Black’s writing itself isn’t always fantastic – everything I’ve read of hers has had a domineering male, which gets a little old after a while but in no way detracts from blck story itself. Julia is an alpha woman who despises her father’s match-making attempts. Jennifer rated it blacck it Nov 06, Feb 16, Treece rated it liked it Shelves: Reeling her in under the guise of a business proposition, Ethan will stop at nothing to seduce the beautiful red-headed goddess — and claim her as his own.

In Jaid’s Adam and Evil the hero and heroine are stranded on a deserted iland.