Intermec PF8T Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Intermec PF8T User Manual, Quick Start. 3. Troubleshooting and. Maintaining the Printer. Use this chapter to troubleshoot and maintain your PF8d and PF8t printers. This chapter contains these sections. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline.

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In this procedure, the Run buttonwas selected. Installation instructions are provided in eachkit. On the PF8t you will first need to close Understanding The Feed Button Web SupportVisit the Intermec web site at www.

Troubleshooting and maintaining the printer | Intermec PF8T User Manual | Page 42 / 68

Turning On the PrinterTo power the printer1 Place the printer on a stable surface. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Introducing The Pf8 Printers Continuous stock cannot be used in the Auto-Sensing mode. The length of each copy is decided by the size of the print imageand any additional media feed is decided by the Q command.

Parallel cable compatible with PC. Configuring The Printer Using Printset Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer6 Close the print carriage by pressing firmly down on bothsides.

Intermec PF8T Manuals

InterDriver files are now installed on your PC. Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer 5 Remove the rewind roll by pushing it to the left until the Global Services and SupportWarranty InformationTo understand the warranty for your Intermec product, visit theIntermec web site at www.


To be used with Direct Thermal Media A Specifications This appendix provides technical specifications for the PF8d and PF8t printers and their available features and options Click the Run button to start the InterDriver installation. Cuttingthrough the labels will cause the adhesive to stick to cuttingparts and prevent the cutter from working properly. ContentsTags and Strip with Black Marks. If you are using peel-off media, remove the labelsas they are fed out. Insert a new ribbon roll onto the ribbon supplyshaft.

Troubleshooting And Maintaining The Printer You can be seriously injured, andequipment and data can be damaged if you do not follow thesafety warnings and cautions. After a short delay, a test label will print and the printer willenter Dump mode.

Troubleshooting and maintaining the printer – Intermec PF8T User Manual

Appendix A — Specifications Stripper Module The self-strip feature peels the label away from the liner backing paper ibtermec To search for your local representative, from the Intermec Page 31 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer3 The manuao automatically adjusts the label gap sensor andmedia feed according to the characteristics of the media.

Make sure connections on the power supply are securely pluggedinto the AC receptacle on the printer and to an AC outlet. The defaultinstallation directory is c: Revisedinformation about installing and using acompact flash card.


Chapter 2 — Installing the PrinterLoading Media for Cut-Off OperationThe cutter optional accessory cannot be used to cut throughlabels, only through the liner between the labels.

Installing The Printer Cleaning The Case Chapter 3 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining the PrinterUpgrading the FirmwareTo upgrade the printer firmware you will need the following: Thermal Transfer Media Adjusting The Label Taken Sensor Keep pf8g ribbon core. In this chapter you Appendix A — Specifications Power Input: Loading Cut-off Media Page 38 Chapter 2 — Installing the Printer3 Majual the print carriage halfway up while keeping the top coverfully opened.

Page 32 Chapter 2 — Installing the PrinterTear-OffTear-Off straight-through media is fed out the front of theprinters and can be torn off by pulling it upwards against theedge of the top cover.

Adjusting The Printhead Alignment To load cut-off media1 Press the release buttons on both sides of the case to open thetop cover.

Safety InformationYour safety is extremely important. Clickthe Run button to run the. Adjusting The Label Gap Sensor