Black Kiss has ratings and 41 reviews. Ryan said: Had a lot of trouble getting through this one. And it wasn’t because of the very graphic content. T. Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss (Adult Comics) (): Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss is hardboiled, erotic tour-de-force now available from. Howard Chaykin’s controversial series sees a new life at Dynamite, bringing its sexed-up story of vampires, pornography and classic noir.

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It seems that Pollack has pissed off some very, very bad people. And then I should be ready for Satellite Sam. Besides — the Internet is full of imagery much more provocative than this.

It’s sick, twisted and blacl. On researching Black Kiss II. The only way he kss do so is by solving the problem set in front of him. Many comics, in presenting period material, seem to be either generic, or simply based on stills from movies about this period or that. Return to Book Page.

And I think I contributed to that. In fact, when I contacted him almost two chaykjn after the banned app news was publicly announced, he knew nothing about it. The story begins with a murder, and a robbery. It was a wonderful experience, except for my conversation with a Canadian poetess. Indeed, I didn’t grasp the key, paranormal aspect of this plotline until some of the final pages. Each howare seems to be meat for the grinder…so to speak.

The artwork is sharp and bold and minutely detailed and is perfectly Chaykin, but it too is not enough. Two hit men show up at the motel where Pollack and his family are currently staying and kill both the wife and the kid.


Aug 26, Bill rated it it was ok Shelves: The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Erotic crime noir, the way only Chaykin can do. He then replies at length as his car is depicted driving off in the distance.

On advancements in comics erotica following the original Black Kiss. He discovers that Kenton forced Grove to give their daughter Sophie up shortly before Kenton became a vampire.

May 07, R.

Laine tries to grab the reel from Father Murtaugh but the reel is stolen by a nun. Black Kiss is a hardboiled erotic American comic book limited series written and drawn by Howard Chaykinwhich was originally published in by Vortex Comics.

However, the series attracted praise for bringing the hard-boiled crime genre back into comics, and Chaykin himself was appreciated for his storytelling techniques. What makes it so well timed and memorable is that Pollack’s soon to be ex-wife and daughter were being knocked off while he was getting popped off.

He attends this and discovers the Order was formed at the beginning of Hollywood ‘s movie era and that they worship Charles ‘Bubba’ Kenton, a s film star who was also married to Beverly Grove. But those beautiful bold lines are nice to see. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

A black-and-white detective thriller that combined elements of Los Angeles P. I thought I’d be back in a couple of years. Howard Chaykin’s groundbreaking series opened the floodgate for x-rated comics by respected cartoonists. But Chaykin is unfazed.


And then the vampires show up. Sex, Violence and Vampires?

I mean, what will that say about me? It’s not really a night town. Well, let me just say that all the sex and violence and morally questionable behavior described above are made to look quaint and old fashioned by the story’s blood-soaked and utterly insane conclusion.

Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss II Now Among the Most Forbidden Comics

I picked it up knowing only that that Chaykin is legend, and nothing else. The series attracted a vast amount of controversy, mainly over its sexual content, but also because of the pairing of sex and violence that Chaykin used throughout the series, and especially in the later issues. Refresh and try again. On comics and comics fandom. The plot was hard to follow, or the panels too busy.

Chaykin’s art is dark and disturbing and sexy. This is early Chaykin so I have hope for the rest of his work. This book is a real hardboiled special with lots of hilarious lines interjected to give a bit of colour on this world of slime, sleaze iiss socio-paths.

An iPad is either portrait or landscape, with zoom and click: Suffice to say my office was a shitstorm of papers, books, and images covering the years of material. I’m still trying to bladk out why.