Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary Text Courtesy of Used by. See this online ebook: George Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, edition: A Catholic Bible commentary compiled by the late Rev. The Haydock Bible is a larger-print (12 point) format Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible with a comprehensive Catholic commentary, illustrated Catholic Bible.

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However, modern historian Muchael A. Haydock remained there for eight years, “devoting himself to study, with his books all bbible him, lining the walls, and piled in heaps on the floors. A Bishop was called a Vicar Apostolic and presided over “missions” in his jurisdiction. English Catholics enthusiastically welcomed this impressive volume that symbolized a reinvigorated Catholicism on the verge of winning its long fight to repeal the Penal Laws.

Although he was not destined to remain in Ugthorpe for the rest of his days, he would nonetheless complete his most memorable achievement while serving there. Although George Leo was the youngest son, he and his older sister Elizabeth appear to have been entrusted with handling the family finances. Monday, December 31st, the Blble after Christmas. While there, Father Haydock completed the commfntary for which he would be best remembered: New more user friendly design.

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He thus had independent sources of income which he often used to subsidize the poor missions he served. Bible – Catholic Study. Are you the person who had the other Haydock Catholic Bible and Commentary on the link http: Its substantial and continuing popularity is reflected in its long history of varied editions. Small bug fixes and several improvements. George’s brother, Thomas, was the Bible’s bibke.

Haydock also wrote lengthier works paraphrasing the Psalms and Canticles of the Roman Office and began a series of Biblical Disquisitions intended as a supplement to his Bible.


Online ebook: Haydock’s Catholic Bible and Commentary, 1859 edition

The obvious potential for hostility came to a head in February,when conflicts between gangs of Irish and English navvies required intervention by local authorities. It would remain continuously in print until at least with a long series of publishers in England and America, and would enjoy a renewal of interest at the end of the 20th century, spurring a new series of reprints and modern digital reproductions.

Also while at Whitby, Haydock continued to serve Ugthorpe as well for most of the period until when a permanent successor was assigned. Commentaeyat eleven years of age, he was sent to further his education at the English College, DouaiEnglish spelling, Douay or Bibke France, established in the 16th century for Catholic exiles, where provision was made for secondary education. The entrance to it is through the [Protestant] churchyard; and the poor Catholics are taunted as they go to mass, with the poverty of their place of worship.

Haydock’s first assignment was at UgthorpeYorkshirea poor rural mission. February 20, at To report dead links, typos, or html errors or conmentary about making these resources more useful use our convenient contact form. Father Haydock’s letters during this period indicate a history of apparent heart disease, a problem that did not slow his endeavors.

Commentaries commentaey the books of Scripture are available in individual epub files at Internet Archive The text of the Scriptures with an abridged commentary is available here: Among three daughters, Margaret Haydock ? And a huge amount of work. There was contemporary criticism that haste in preparation of xommentary commentary resulted in some errors.

Feb 5, Version 3. Authorities of the French revolutionary government closed the English College haydoco imprisoned some of its pro-England students. Haydock took his text from the Challoner-MacMahon revision, but added a substantially extended commentary. Catherine’s Church still exists, its congregation now part of the Lancaster Diocese. Gradwell had served for a time in Rome and had been appointed coadjutor to the Vicar Apostolic of the London District. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


There was an unsettled period while English Catholic bishops hxydock hasty provision commenntary the continuing education in England of the many refugees from Douai.

Haydock’s first assignment was at Ugthorpe, Yorkshire, a poor rural mission. Matthew Commenyary Bible Commentary. The Bible had long been used to advance the Protestant cause. There is a nearby street, Cottam Hall Lane, which is a paved over former footpath to the old Haydock ancestral home, Cottam Hall.

Portals Access related topics. He also found time and opportunity to ply his property acquisition and management talents.

George Leo Haydock

Haydocm from Ireland, especially resulting from the catastrophic Potato Famine beginning inmeant that a large part of Haydock’s congregation was Irish.

Possibility to add bookmark for any verse in Bible. George Leo Haydock as abridged by the Very Rev. Available at the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Also, I hope that the original Tripod can be restored — especially if it is yours. Portrait and copies of Haydock’s drawings are provided by Simon Nuttall, a descendant of the Gillow family of Catholic Recusants, who kindly gave permission for their reproduction.

Available at Internet Archive, divided into 19 parts: He made his objections known to his superiors, Thomas Smith haydodkVicar Apostolic of the Northern Vicariate, and Smith’s Coadjutor Thomas Penswick —a former classmate of Haydock’s at Douay; however, bibpe sided against him. Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more. The inspired Hebrew and Greek text of the Holy Scriptures is itself uttered by God in all of its parts.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. His publications also include an table entitled The Tree of Lifedepicting a summary haydpck Church history from Adam to the current time.