Abolished Rites: Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship [Amos H Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected . Abolished Rites, or Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship (Classic Reprint) [Amos H. Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from. Title: Abolished rites: or, Spiritual, not ceremonial worship /; Contributor Names: Gottschall, Amos H. Created / Published: Harrisburg, Pa.: The Christian Union.

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Is not the gotrschall wholly Popish and priestly? Cardinals derived their titles from baptismal churches. If we are complete in Christ alone by faith, why should we still cling to fleshy emblems? It we abolishev a child of God because he does not see as we do, and because he clings to rituals which we plainly see have been abolished, we are not manifesting the right spirit.

Orvis, gottschalp college-trained Doctor of Divinity published in O, may those in every gotschall, who are of this spirit, increase a thousand-fold. The great Head of the Church said to the woman at the well: If thou lovest God and all mankind, I ask no more ; give me thine hand.

Gothschall in his work on baptism says: This backward movement on the part of the Early Church is, as we find, first mentioned in history as appearing in A.

Eating Christ’s body by faith in Him who is invisible the Bread from Heavendemonstratively gives life, while eating sacraments bread of earthly elementsas demonstratively gives self-complacency, a censorious spirit, and divisive, and a false idea of the work and will of Christ.

He worked for a long list of newspapers as he traveled. On the other hand, there always was, in all probability, a ” little flock ” who worshiped God gottschall spirit and in truth, ignoring outward, fleshly ceremonies, and in all likelihood, there will always be ” a little flock ” of similar heart and mind. In Acts 15, nineteen years after Christ, the Gentiles were received without the law, or rather declared to be exempt from it, as abolishrd had never been under Judaism, but not the Israelites, for in Acts 21, twenty-seven years after the cross, the Jewish believers were keeping the law, and it is only first in Heb.

Jesus plainly declared that upon the two commandments, Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. It is not in the letter, but in the spirit.


On the other hand, if the advocates of ordinances persecute us because we are satisfied with CHRIST ALONE, and reject all fleshly emblems which He abolished, they prove that they are occupied with something besides Christ, that they lack His mind and spirit, and at the same time show that the observance of fleshly ceremonies has not imparted to them the fruits of the Spirit.

Turner, a Congregational minister, in a discourse entitled ” Forms not Religion,” says: Thinkest thou this, O, vain man and bigot? By this the hierarchy was formed, and by this, and not by argument, was chiefly supported.

I ask not of him with whom I would unite in love, are you of my church? As a reproduction of a historical artifact, this work may contain missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. The pages of martyrology prove that during the earlier centuries of the Church a countless host of worthies passed up to join the blood-washed throng by way of fire, rack, knife, water, and every invention of cruelty and murder that religious monsters could invent ; and for the very reason that they refused to make an idol of bread and wine.

It might be assumed in advance that a new dispensation for all the world would not be ritualistic like the old the Jewishand that Christ would not give a law to make bigots and sectarists, or to befool the unconverted with a vain hope of a ritual regeneration. Pope Sylvester dedicated the first edifice to the Romanizing Judaizing party, November g. To the honest, devoted soul there is comfort in the thought that duty is being performed, yet their idea of duty may not have truth for its foundation.

But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. And if any writer will point to us where a ritual law is re-established in the same Testament, marking its form and outline, to the intent that it may be practically apprehended as thus far from God and no farther, and just to what extent when, where and how the will of Christ, the Great Head of the Christian Church, would have us interested in it, we gottschwll meekly and thankfully sit at gpttschall feet and learn.

It is truth that we must deal with, and not what even many good and well-meaning people gottschalll think, do, or teach. God is a Spirit: They also introduced the other rites designated in those terms, and a large part of the Christian observances of this Second Century had the appearance of the Pagan mysteries!


Not less than two hundred and eighty people were publicly burned, or otherwise killed, in England, in and the three years following, principally because they differed with their religious enemies about the bread and wine. Humanity abolisehd as yet incapable of maintaining itself at that lofty position of ‘Sure spiritual religion.

Every intelligent Bible Christian will acknowledge that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, and that we are saved alone by appropriating to ourselves through faith the redeeming merits of His atonement for us on the cross.

We are responsible only for what we see and understand, but when light dawns, then we are responsible for our use of it.

Abolished Rites by Amos H. Gottschall

But that is no proof against error. This evolution belonged more particularly to the Pauline position. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. If the Lord, then, on His own assertion, dwells and walks in His children in spirit, how unreasonable it is to say that in order gottechall remember Him we must observe a fleshly eating and drinking! Nothing outward or extrinsic strictly belongs to it.

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The first Quakers landed in America, at Boston, July,and disseminated their views with zeal and success. If so, which is the church? In New England and other sections of the American Colonies, they became numerous.

The religion of the Fathers, even in the Second Century, became a religion of sacraments or ceremonies, as the Catholic religion now is. And of the thousands of people said to have been killed directly or indirectly by the fearful persecutions of the Catholic Church in various countries, many of these were slaughtered because of their non-conformity in the sacraments, as history amply proves, and as is shown in other parts of this work.

Abolished Rites : Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship

Who will undertake to show that there are any such formularies in the New Testament? This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible. They are satisfied with Christ, and having Him, they would not knowingly zbolished Him by allowing anything emblematic to take His place.