Aircraft Systems Technical Memorandum GENPLOT – General Plotting Program. User Guide and Reference Manual. Version by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version | Program GENPLOT was. View Notes – Genplot manual-Getting Started from MSE at Cornell University. Getting Started with GENPLOT REQUIREMENTS THE USER GENPLOT is.

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Line number to end reading in 2nd file Naturally some accuracy will be lost since not all the available data is being plotted. Genpkot user may enter data for each line on the plot by one of four methods: A user may make X-Y graphs no pie charts allowed – this is for scientists, not managersplot data and simulation curves, transform the data in various ways, and later spruce up the plots for publication. The default is to draw the box.

[PDF] GENPLOT Manual – Free Download PDF

If any error occurs while reading the data the user will be notifed and the file line in question will be displayed. The tick spacing can be explicitly set by the user or left for the program to determine.

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If the text lines are to be redrawn on the zoom plot, they are drawn at the same plot co-ordinate positions as when they were created. Displays notes to the user on Single-Text-Line construction. Draws an inverted triangular-shaped marker at the specified position on the plot. The program consists of more than lines of commented fortran source code. Line number to start reading: Creates the single text line. Draws a diamond-shaped marker at gejplot specified position on the plot.

The current expectation in software, fostered by Macintoy and Windoze applications, is that one should be able to sit down at a new program without reading any manual and be immediately productive.


Checks for existance of file in users current directory. If this parameter is not properly specified the program genllot not pick up the problem and ,as a consequence, plot the wrong column of data. Sets up the major tick attributes.

When this selection is chosen for the first time in a run, the user is required to enter a MCF name. The grid lines will be drawn at the major tick mark positions.


Calls genploh DI commands library routines are device independent in the application source code. Line number to start reading in 2nd ile 8. GENPLOT is menu-driven and features zooming, legends, single lines of text on plot, and hardcopy options, as well manuao utilising DI character functions such as underline and multi-font text lines for plot labelling, legend and single text line construction.


After renaming the file, the metafile is re-initialised, re-selected, and all retained segments re-associated with the metafile display device. This file is used by the selected device meta-translator as its source of commands to draw all the requested plots.

Column number to plot on Y-axis: The directory for the data file will be requested. Column from one file 4 1. The default is not to draw markers, unless the line connecting data points is not to be drawn.

If this co-ordinate is outside the zoom area then this option will be disallowed. Makes a legend for the plot. Draws a bow-tie-shaped marker at the specified position on the plot.

Either the line or markers must be drawn. If data files to be used exist in directories 6. After the file name is entered, the directory name will be requested. SlartUp has two purposes.