CURRAX provides FLENDER ARPEX all-steel couplings of different series: maintenance-free, reliable and wear-resistant with a long service life. FLENDER couplings stand for highest reliability, low maintenance, and low ARPEX all-steel couplings are without circumferential backlash, suitable for high . FLENDER couplings. FLENDER ARPEX® all-steel couplings. ARS-6, ARP-6, ARH-8,. ARC-6/8/10, ARW-4/6, ARF-6 series. Operating instructions. BA en .

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For wind turbine or cooling tower applications. Torsionally Rigid Couplings go.

FLENDER ARPEX All-steel Coupling

Couplinh Inquiry Chat Now. Torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling accelerated by the radial blades. Types with a fail-safe device between the flexible copuling ensure emergency operation if the flexible rings are destroyed.

Torque limiting safety coupling. The products range covers many types of couplings, such as flexible and highly flexible couplings, gear couplings, clutches, and torque limiters.

Its special torque capacity and its high speed potential make the N-ARPEX the best-performing all-steel multi-disk coupling in the market at present. Their versatility makes them suitable for universal use.

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FLENDER ARPEX® all-steel coupling | FLENDER partner

FLUDEX couplings limit the starting and the maximum torque in the drive train and serve as starting aid for the motor, as overload protection in case of malfunction, and for arped vibration separation. With our all-steel couplings, the reliable transmission of torque between the shafts to be connected is backlash-free, torsionally rigid and flexurally elastic. The N-ARPEX is the consistent further development of the ARPEX into what is at present the best-performing coupling on the market — a leap in performance that in this size could only be achieved by means of various design features.

  FM 3-100.4 PDF

Owing to its low torsional rigidity and damping property the ELPEX-S coupling is very well suitable for connecting machines with a considerably non-uniform torque characteristic. The torque is transmitted by a flexible tyre reinforced with a cord ply. The hub can serve to take a Taper bush. Thanks to its low weight, atpex high performance and low complexity the N-ARPEX saves on investment and life-cycle costs.

ARPEX Coupling

RUPEX couplings are used as flexible compensating couplings in all applications requiring a reliable transmission of torque under harsh operating conditions. Search Search term s Search.

ARPEX all-steel couplings have proved themselves for over 30 years in all fields of engineering where reliable and maintenance-free transmission of torque is required in the case of shaft misalignments. Widely used in the whole field of mechanical engineering, as high-speed coupling on the motor side e.

Even as individually adapted solutions they are convincing owing to highest product quality and long service life. We will call you back as soon as possible.


Highly Flexible Couplings go. Therefore, those couplings ensure reliable connection in nearly all industrial sectors. Please fill out the form. Flexible disc plate packs for torque transmission Flexible or Rigid: Find your solution based on the technical requirements.

Owing to its low arppex stiffness and damping property the ELPEX coupling is very well suitable for connecting machines with a considerably non-uniform torque characteristic. They are particularly suitable for use under rough operating conditions. Advantages of the product Compensation of very large shaft misalignment Independent of direction of rotation suitable for reversing operation The rubber tyre can be easily replaced without the need to move the coupled machines Easy mounting on the shafts possible with Taper bushes Nominal torque range between 24 Nm and 14, Nm.

Choosing the desired coupling is much easier. Thus, storage costs are reduced.

ARPEX all-steel multi-disk couplings ARPEX all-steel multi-disk couplings are free of circumferential ckupling, are compact in design and stand out for their low power-to-weight ratio.

Callback Service Please fill out the form. Because of the large elastomer volume, comparably large shaft misalignments can be compensated. Wear Resistant Thermal Resistor.