Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Pascal Bruckner has written a whole book taking aim at happiness – a kind of obtuseness that is, on the face of it, the preserve of a particular. Perpetual Euphoria On the Duty to Be Happy Pascal Bruckner Translated by Steven Rendall. Editions. Hardcover. ISBN.

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Nowadays, the illusion of happiness is most often discussed in terms euflria consumption. But if all we have now is all we’re ever going to get, then the weight of the dull moments of our lives becomes difficult to endure. I have to say that this is a picture that I find not unappealing.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. I picked up Bruckner’s book because I was having a bad day and needed a laugh. And most people’s everyday lives are mundane, not a thrill-a-minute. It is an absurd accident, and is all the more maddening because it is viewed as within man’s control to eliminate it e.

Project MUSE – Perpetual Euphoria

Bruckner’s takes are fascinating. It was, after all, Karl Marx, the theorist of “false consciousness”, who said that “to abolish religion as the illusory happiness of the people is to demand its real happiness”. Jan 03, Jonathan rated it really liked it. An interesting take, with a strong Catholic undercurrent, on modern culture’s unceasing but fruitless effort to avoid the inevitable pains and tragedies of human life.

Studies have shown that aside from the transition from very poor to poor, a change in material wealth doesn’t seem to have a great impact on levels of happiness. How has a liberating principle of the Enlightenment–the right to pursue happiness–become Happiness today is not just a possibility or an option but a requirement and a duty.

But although we may have freed ourselves from the cult of suffering, Bruckner believes that we have become enslaved to another dogma: At any rate, I am planning to read this one again.


A third that Bruckner finds in the contemporary pursuit of happiness is that, in recent times, people have come to believe that they are the only thing that separates themselves from their own happiness.

He writes, he lectures, he makes regular appearances on TV, sharing his learned and eloquent opinions with a respectful nation. I didn’t expect much, some brittle brilliance, something maybe in the empty vein of Jean Baudrillard’s erudite inanity.

Above all, it assumes that we agree to suffer for the Other and because of him, because of his indifference, his ingratitude, his cruelty. Chapter 4 on perpetja Inertia,” for example, rang true, but it was also more of a thought-piece than an argument developed with sources and evidence.

Lazarus risen from the dead is the ultimate cure-all. The question is not whether we are more or less happy than our ancestors: Demanding welfare, or health, or happiness, as a positive thing in its own right, on this account, gets in the way of our achieving the projects that might well end up being a better bet for generating happiness for us anyway.

Happiness is more like a moment of grace.

Someone like Aristotle would say that happiness is attained by lifelong contemplation of the virtues, and by living a virtuous and moderate life. Suddenly, radicals were able to proclaim, as Bruckner perpdtua, that anyone “who desires cannot be guilty Op basis van de titel verwacht je argumenten om wat minder materialistisch te handelen, wat in “Statusangst” van Alain de Botton wordt behandeld. Bruckner also sees financial credit particularly its widespread availability to so many people as a good example of mankind’s shift in happiness.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The Extremists of Routine pp.

Earthly happiness is not something to be sought after compared with eternity. Want to Read saving…. At his best, his sharp observations reminded me of Matthijs van Boxsel’s sublime Encyclopedia of Stupidity. To overcome this obstacle a huge market opened: I preferred Barbara Ehrenreich’s Bright-Sided as commentary on the drive toward happiness and positivity.

In the first part, Bruckner states that, up until the past couple of hundred years, the Catholic Church rejected the pursuit of happiness as a goal. It is a disease of a society that is looking desperately for happiness, which we cannot catch. Contact Contact Us Help. How did we become unhappy about not being happy–and what might we do to escape this predicament? To ask other readers questions about Perpetual Euphoriaplease sign up. Er wordt hoogstens wat in de marge bijgeschaafd.


But all things considered, the philosopher appeared in ebullient form. Real Life Is Not Absent pp.

A stimulating and entertaining meditation on the unhappiness at the heart of the modern cult of happiness, Perpetual Euphoria is a book for everyone who has ever bristled at the command to “be happy. In fact, we’re still Christians in our mind, even though we think we’ve killed God. Mutluluk bu kadar Iyi anlatir. Two years ago, a commission appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy recommended that happiness should be indexed as a means of gauging social progress; David Cameron speaks apscal adopting a similar approach.

A self-help book for readers who hold self-help books in complete contempt. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

A Euforia Perpetua Pascal Bruckner

But it builds pasfal pace and hits a good crescendo in his suforia two chapters, which to me are the most insightful and impactful. Happiness in amber is no such thing. The Crime of Suffering pp. Enerzijds laat het zien dat we tien jaar geleden nog in een heel andere situatie zaten, anderszijds ook dat de problemen van nu toen al zichtbaar werden en dat er schamele pogingen gedaan werden tot een mentaliteitsverandering die helaas niet hebben mogen baten.

Happiness has become a religion–one whose smiley-faced god looks down in rebuke bryckner everyone who hasn’t yet attained the blessed state of perpetual euphoria. Bruckner’s overarching idea is that our constant quest for happiness has become a burden of anxiety. I’m more like an independent guy.