ESUR GUIDELINE*: GADOLINIUM BASED. CONTRAST MEDIA AND NEPHROGENIC. SYSTEMIC Incidence of NSF: % in at-risk subjects. Contrast media · › Contrast media · › Prostate MRI · › NSF · › NSF Endometrial Cancer MRI Staging: Updated Guidelines of the European European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) Guidelines: MR Imaging of Leiomyomas. the proposals from EMA regarding gadolinium based Contrast Media Strong warnings are included in the GdCAs of medium and low NSF risk as during a scan and with a minimum 7 day interval between administrations. ESUR; esursecretary(at); About ESUR · ESUR Guidelines.

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Intravenous cholangiographic contrast media should not be given to patients at risk. There is no clinical evidence of the effectiveness of premedication.

Patients undergoing therapy with radioactive iodine should not have received iodine-based contrast media for at least two months before treatment. Safety of MR liver specific contrast media. Iodine-based contrast medium Hemodialysis to remove the contrast medium is unnecessary for iodine-based contrast medium, but for gadolinium- based contrast medium. Drug prophylaxis is generally not recommended.

ESUR Guidelines

Gadolinium- containing contrast media for radiographic examinations: Van der Molen answered that eskr in these patients starts one step before the ESUR guideline kicks in: Oral hydration alone is not recommended. Gadolinium-based contrast media should only be used if the indication is vital and then only intermediate or low risk agents should be used. Less optimal injection sites including lower limb and small distal veins.


Iodinated Contrast Media and Blood interactions. To reduce the risk. Allergy requiring medical treatment. Metformin should be stopped from the time of contrast medium administration. Conservative management is adequate in most cases limb elevation apply mecia packs careful monitoring If a serious injury is suspected, seek the advice of a surgeon.

It their renal function has not deteriorated, they should restart metformin. An audience member asked whether a multiple myeloma patients really did not need any special care.

Extra hemodialysis session to remove contrast medium is unnecessary.

ESUR Guidelines :

Questionnaires to be completed by clinicians referring patients for examinations conteast iodine- or gadolinium-based contrast media. A suitable protocol is intravenous normal saline, 1. Can be used to give essential diagnostic information. Gadolinium-based contrast media are more nephrotoxic than iodine-based contrast media in equivalent X-ray attenuating doses.

We hope that you find our guidelines very helpful in your daily practice. Refer to renal adverse reactions section 2.

Scrotal imaging :

It is recognized that: See renal adverse reactions see 2. The use of iodinated and gadolinium contrast media during pregnancy and lactation. Before intra-arterial iodine-based contrast medium: Stage 1 is defined as serum creatinine sCr of more than Be aware of the patients drug history. If a vuidelines event occurs — see non-renal adverse reaction section. Avoid large doses of contrast media.


The risk of AKI is similar for low-osmolar and vuidelines contrast agents. Breast feeding should be avoided for 24 hours after contrast medium if high risk agents are used. You may at any time with future effect revoke your consent to receive our om. Type of contrast medium which should be used Iodine-based: Early identification and careful observation. In this case, three precautionary steps should be followed:.

More severe acute reactions are rare and are similar to those after iodine and gadolinium-based agents see 1. Appropriate H1-antihistamine 7. or intravenously should be considered. Appropriate H1-antihistamine intramuscularly or intravenously should be given.

Eur J Radiol ; First line emergency drugs and instruments which should be in the examination room. Late skin reactions of the type which guidelihes after iodine-based contrast media have not been described after gadolinium-based and ultrasound contrast media.

All contrast media have anticoagulant properties, especially ionic agents. Last update April 17,