Peggy Adler talks to debut novelist Valerie Laken about the inspiration behind her first book and her process in writing it. Dream House, a. Dream House by Valerie Laken – book cover, description, publication history. In Laken’s debut novel, a young couple tries to salvage their shaky marriage by buying a rundown house in a gentrifying Ann Arbor.

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Dream House is a novel that, once picked up, will be so hard to put down as to inspire an all-nighter. She would find out that she would be better off without him. He used to live there and he knows what happened the night that tore his family apart forever.

Compelling reflections on broad issues such as neighborhood gentrification and the American dream as well as the personal struggles involved with marriage, family, and the creation of a home.

I got the impression I was going to be reading a “haunted house” type book and I found Kate and her story to be uninteresting. Lists with This Book.

Dream House

The main characters, Kate and Walker are both obsessed with this house. I regret to say that the climax valerir Dream House is what makes the novel less stellar than I expected it to be. Jun 18, Leane rated it it was amazing. As it turned out, we could. Feb 06, Charlotte rated it it was amazing.

Kate – has always felt that she’s been a disappointment to her family and feels that by immersing herself in fixing up her new home is a way to redeem herself in their eyes. Valerie Laken has plans to release a collection of stories called Separate Kingdoms in April Mar 29, Mrs. What I admire most about this book is its huge range of people– neurotic people, happy people, artistic people, autistic people, people freshly released from prison, children, and people in love– and the way Valerie Laken makes them all real and important.


How any man can be expected to valerei on a real level, when that thought is eating away at you, is beyond me. Dream House is incredibly moving, and the best feature of the novel is Valerie Laken’s talent and ability to paint such a vivid picture of the house’s life over the years. Apparently Vlerie Laken’s first and, wow, she’s good with a plot. The seeds of that story took root lakken my imagination.

This is a wonderful story of healing, relationships, race, family and the meaning of home. What was his purpose for returning? Otherwise, Laken is a writer to watch. May 06, Jane C.

All About {n}: Dream House by Valerie Laken

Anyway, kudos to Valerie, for writing a completely absorbing and creepy and compassionate and wise novel. For Kate, it’s more like the house is the “glue” she thinks will hold her marriage together. If it wasn’t marketed the way it was, I’d have gone 3 stars. Read more book reviews at hoise But it got creepy, that two people that had such horrific experiences in the house ended up helping Kate rehab it.

I read this book like 8 years ago.

When a mysterious man begins lurking around her yard, Kate – now alone – is forced to confront her home’s dangerous past. For Walker, the house is spiritual, so much more than cement, stone, wood and insulation. When a mysterious man begins lurking around her yard, Kate—now alone—is forced to confront her home’s dangerous past. She lets it dry, some parts are ruined, but that’s it – we never hear of her trying to get it read or anything after that.

But I feel a little robbed by the lack of mystery that lalen summary and cover photo advertised. Overall, I really enjoyed this book read it in one day. Jay is artistic, easy going, but emotionally lost.


It is not a “thriller” or “mystery” because the altering event of the story is the premise of the book. However, Walker and Jay were enough to keep me going. It sounds ridiculous, but I actually miss the book; as Hpuse type this, I am undergoing minor withdrawal symptoms.


Reviewers agreed that the prologue is a short masterpiece and that the novel as a whole is an excellent portrait of “the stereotypes that distinguish posh Ann Arbor, backwoods Dexter, and Ypsilanti” Detroit Metro Times. I had the great luck to sell the novel and see it published by HarperCollins. Laken definitely did this well. Eighteen years later, Kate Kinzler ruefully contemplates the crummy Ann Arbor apartment she shares with husband Stuart.

Preview — Dream House by Valerie Laken. He never thought he was good enough for Kate, he was always thinking that someday laen would realize the truth and disappear. Thanks for being on the tour!

Hosue week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Vxlerie Connect email alert. A lot of the reviews I’ve read have tended to focus on Kate, and while you would probably consider her the “main” character, I found myself connecting to and understanding Stuart way more that it seems others have. The writing is good, but honestly, after reading it and putting it aside, the story hasn’t houxe with me the way good ones do.

The relationships Kate forges between Walker and Jay were really satisfying and essentially what I found the most interesting throughout the story.