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sicurezza cantieri e lavoro, e-learning, formazione, d lgs L’entreprise Ritmo S.p A. Se réserve le droit d’apporter, sans préavis, toutes les modifications caractéristiques de la machine décrite dans ce manuel ainsi qu’ aux .. Lgs. WORK HYGIENE GENERAL APPLICABLE REGULATIONS Directive 14/08/96 n° “Mimimum safety and health requirements to be observed at. 70 De Signs W 20″ x SD 17″ x D 20″ x H 33″ SH 18″ del 96 (Italian standards), 92/53/UE directive, UNI /1/2/3, ISO.

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He has also proved the carbon copy of Letter No. Then, they went back to the DCP office where he further continued to interview people and during this period, he met K V Singh and had some conversation with him. T S Mokha There was no announcement system, no lights.

The portion adjoining the ticket foyer was divided into two portions which was used as Syndicate Bank and some other private office reported to be a printing press. PW 10 Krishan Kumar Kohli. Kumedan Khan has deposed that on License was9grantedsubjectto condition thatall buildings or otherregulations for observance at public amusement places imposed by municipal bye-laws or by any other law or by rules under any other law for the time being in force, shall be strictly complied with.


The said drawings are Ex. Malhotra rectified but it was not rectified and was not operating. R N Gupta 3. How do I follow my topics’ performance? The fire extinguishers were found in working condition. Administrative Officer has only concern with the administration of the respective zone.

He has deposed that as per memo Ex. Therefore, revised plans were sought from the licensee of Uphaar Cinema. P Ltd vide Lease Deed In Section DD, machine room on top of stair case has been shown. He has proved the Inspection Report dated K C Chopra He heard the noise of cries of the public.

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Limited at Page C 99 as Ex. He has proved the photocopy of missing pages as Ex.

Only possible with digital transmission format and digital modulation. He has deposed that Mr. Raman Singh Sidhu Patrons were saying that the doors of balcony sel closed.

Tranportable Satcom Station

He was deputed 14.8.96 main gate and remaining five gatekeepers were deputed on different gates. On the reverse of Ex. Learn how to connect your accounts. P9, seized other documents as mentioned in seizure memo Ex. I am still the occupier of the licensed premises and owner of the cinematograph ”. Puissance maximale a la jante en traction.


He identified his endorsement and signatures Ex. At Uphaar Cinema, he was taken to its rear side and was taken to parking area where lot of vehicles were being parked.

It was stated in the orders of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi that such of the additional seats which22comply substantially with the requirements of the Rules must be allowed to stay and it is only those seats which infringe upon the Rules which may have to be ordered to be removed by the Administration.

Outlines identify the text and images you can edit. Thereafter as per the marking,Licensing Clerk, the said note along with the letter was put up before N D Tiwari who put his signatures at Point Y 1.

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He has also proved the file D as Ex. For the demo I will be using Windows R2 Server. Administration Workshop I I – 2.