Dell SC Manual Online: Technical Specifications. Processor Processor type Expansion Bus Bus type Expansion slots PCIe PCI-X PCI Memory Architecture. Installing a fourth hard drive, System messages • Read online or download PDF • Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual. Hardware owner’s manual, Dell™ poweredge™ sc systems • Read online or download PDF • Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual.

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Replacing The Processor Figure Processor thermal probe failure detected. Page 94 6 Install the expansion cards and connect dell cables. Using the System Setup Program Table lists the keys that you use to view or change information on the System Setup program screens and to exit the program.

Dell POWER EDGE SC1430 Hardware Manual

Connecting the Cooling Fan for an Optional Fourth Hard Drive card fan 15 Check all cable connections, and fold cables out of the way to allow for airflow between the fan and cooling vents. Faulty or improperly installed memory module. Page NAS systems. See the contact information for your region. This troubleshooting procedure can destroy data stored on the hard drive. System Messages Table Jumpers and Connectors This section provides specific information about the system jumpers and describes the connectors on the various boards in the system.

Installing and Removing a Processor socket key 2 socket-release lever 13 Lift the processor out of the socket and leave the release lever up so that the socket is ready for the new processor. Got it, continue to print. Page 24 Memory” on page Installing System Components Installing System Components This section describes how to install the following system components: Trademarks used in this text: If the problem persists, see “Troubleshooting System Memory” in your.


Hard Drive Installation Guidelines Up to four hard drives are supported in internal drive bays. Singapore or Malaysia only.

Disabling A Forgotten Password Disabling a Forgotten Password The password jumper on the system board enables the system password features or disables them and clears any password s currently in use.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual | pages

General Memory Module Sc430 Guidelines General Memory Module Installation Guidelines To ensure optimal performance of your system, observe the following guidelines when configuring your system memory. The memory module socket has an alignment key that allows you to install the memory module in the socket in only one way. See “Running the System Diagnostics” on page Inside the System 5.

System Board Mounting Points screws 9 11 Carefully route any loose cables away from the edges of the system board. Installing and Removing the Heat Sink processor access door heat-sink assembly captive screw housing 4 11 Pull the socket-release lever 90 degrees upward until the processor shield is released from the socket.

Ensure that only Dell-qualified memory is used. Depending on the results of the diagnostics test, proceed as needed through the following steps.

Troubleshooting The Microprocessors 1 If possible, run the appropriate online diagnostics test. A — Ampere s. See “Troubleshooting Expansion Cards” on page If the tests run successfully, the problem is not related to video hardware. Installing a fourth delp drive requires an optional hard-drive carrier with a cooling fan. Dell SC Information Update 21 pages. If possible, print each file.


Power supply, Removing the power supply – Dell PowerEdge SC1430 User Manual

Page 5 Visually inspect to ensure that each processor and heat sink are properly installed. Description of problem and troubleshooting procedures you performed Installing A Diskette Drive Figure Page Troubleshooting Your System Page Hong Kong Website: Rotating the Hard-Drive Carrier Out of and Into the System rotatable hard-drive carrier Rotating the Hard-Drive Carrier Into the System 1 Grasp the handle on the hard-drive carrier and rotate the carrier back into the chassis until the metal tabs on each side of the carrier are seated, securing the carrier.

If an error message does not appear, continue to the next step. Getting Help 2 Run the system diagnostics and record any information provided. Error message, beep code, or diagnostic code: Page 29 Figure Using a clean lint-free cloth, remove the existing thermal grease from the heat sink. If you do not intend to replace the drive, it is highly rell that you remove the drive from the guide bracket see Figure and insert the empty guide bracket back into the drive bay.

Page 9-pin connector. Memory When the processor is fully seated in the socket, rotate the socket release lever back down until it snaps into place, securing the processor.