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Provides for procedural details of arbitration process as well as defines the mechanisms for the implementation of decisions of the Arbitration Courts. Sets up objectives and targets the fund’s revenues to be used for.

Gives information requirements and procedures for employers making notices of claims for rebates. Mines Regulation Act Cap. Establishes a system of national insurance and social security for Barbados providing payments in the form of sickness benefit, invalidity benefit, funeral grant, pension and survivors benefit.

Makes explicit the circumstances under which a pension or gratuity may be granted. Amend earlier enactments concerning maternity benefit, survivors benefit and unemployment benefit. Makes clear the manner of, time of, liablility for and procedure of the payment of contributions. Decree of the Council of Ministers No.

Part Four restricts the employment of children to only employment which is a part of training or schooling. General provisions Chapter II: Assessment of working conditions by the parameters of illumination of working places Chapter XI: Gives members of the authorities the police force, port managers and the Chief Labour Officer the duty to proceed against a suspected offender and gives such members the power to enter premises where the suspected violation is occurring.

Section 2 of the Employment Miscellaneous Provisions Act is amended by deleting the definitions of “child” and “young person” and substituting the following: Part Ten deals with Miscellaneous provisions on state expenditure with respect to uniforms, equipment, medical and funeral expenses as well as contains certain provsions relating to warrants.


It also provides for penalties in case of violation of the Act. Provides for the payment of allowances to certain categories of workers and their dependents where such workers are displaced as the direct result of the coming into operation of the Bridgetown Harbour. In addition, a commitment to make provision for the exemption is not the same as actually granting the aid before accession. Amends the Severance Payments Act by inserting two new sections; 3A concerning a time limit for severance payments, and 26A conerning the recovery of severance fund contributions.

Employment Injury Benefit Regulations, S. Gives the Minister for Labour the power to direct a formal investigation of accidents and cases of occupational disease. Protects the employment and seniority of those employees during such leave.

Part One gives relevant definitions. Establishes a National Training Fund and sets out regulations concerning disbursements from the fund, accounts and audits.

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Includes miscellaneous regulations and regulations on expenses. Provides for the granting of benefits to widows and children of deceased public officers. Download decreto ejecutivo raoh download document. This Act makes provision for the control of the dairy industry for purposes of ensuring hygienic handling of milk and in particular provides for the licensing of dairy keepers, milk processors and milk sellers.

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On the basis of the information available to the Commission, it is clear that the reasons for granting the aid derive rather from decrreto circumstances of alumina production in the specific regions concerned.

Provides for the provision of pensions to public employees including compulsory retirement, suspension of pensions and application of the Act when a beneficiary dies or is killed on duty.

Minutes of Board receivable in evidence. Obligates employers to keep records of renumeration periods of employment and holiday for all employees. States that the Governor-in-Executive Committee delegates to the Minister of Finance the power to grant pensions and gratuities to casual employees who have served the Government of Barbados. Revokes the Wages Council Notices Regulations, deecreto General Provisions Chapter 2: Also sets the entitlement to and rate of a disability benefit, a funeral grant and a death benefit.

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Barbados Community College Act L.

This Act establishes the Urban Development Commission as a body corporate, defines its functions and powers and provides with respect to its organization. Widows and Childrens Pensions Act Cap.

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Sets the penalties for these offences. Extends regulations under the National Insurance and Social Security Act to self-employed persons for funeral grant, old age contributory grant of pension, and invalidity and survivor’s benefits.

Repeals the Education Acts, Cap. Includes regulations on the extent of an occupier’s ordinary duty, the effect of a contract on an occupier’s liability to a third party, an occupier’s duty to contractual visitors and a decret obligation to repair. Severance Payments Pensions Regulations, S. Recovery shall be effected without delay and in accordance with the procedures of national law provided that they allow the immediate and effective execution of the decision.

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Applying to claim wage and incomes equated to it Chapter X: Section 19 prohibits the taking of water from public taps without permission. Better Security Act Ch. Public Holidays Act Act No. Makes explicit procedures on the effect and enforcement of wages regulation orders as well as the computation of remuneration. States the conditions under which a person may become and remain a voluntary contributor and legislates that voluntary contributors may make contributions for old age contributory grants and survivors benefits only.