Results 1 – 7 of 7 Aveux non avenus by Claude Cahun and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Important art by Claude Cahun with artwork analysis of achievement and This is the first illustration found in Cahun’s autobiographical text Aveux non Avenus. The title Aveux non avenus does not lend itself to facile translation. While “Aveux” may be clearly understood as either “avowals” or “confessions,” the addition of.

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That was the reply my body gave. Exasperation saved my life. On this of all evenings, though no longer really expected, here he is. Too many dead leaves.

Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun

His ideas on the construction of sexual identity had a profound impact on the work of a generation of lesbian authors and artists, including Radclyffe Hall and Claude Cahun. Cahun had translated Ellis’s book into French in B — The poet courted her, but Aurige preferred me.

The Channel Islands, on the other hand, were a world apart, a world in between–not part of the United Kingdom, closer to the Normandy coast, an historic place of piracy and literary exile. I hold my breath. Top left hand corner of photomontage, there is written in white: A taste for debate, logic, precision, poetry, for 34 illogicality with all its papers in order, word for word. You have the indiscretion to control yourself better than me, to leave me alone to compromise myself.

The countryside is always the same: Nothing was missing, it seemed, in the composition or even the beauty of the newborn. The young man, going back down stairs: He contemplates the great mass of waves so much bigger than him, their strength beyond comparison with his own. For the invention of polished metal derives from a clear narcissian etymology.


I would like nothing to distinguish me from the things you are indifferent to… For the rules of the social game which I would like to change are such that I never once win a hand against the rest of the world, and never win against you, against us — against the best of myself — without cheating.

Constructed Realities: Claude Cahun’s Created World in Aveux Non Avenus.

Show a part of it only, in a narrow mirror, as if it were the whole? I expect nothing from the future. Lazy people stretched out on their shadow admire themselves in the sky. She had told me to leave that day, shut herself in her room, alone, to think deeply about such a serious decision.

Superstition, obsession with the unknowable. I push myself to the limit, I finally realize it and for want of anyone better complain about me to myself: For the hero, for the heroine and for their conjunction, we will have to go down on the street and look for role models.

Museum object number Current location Clear form. Happiness so difficult for them so difficult themselves that they will have no hesitation in burning everything that could possibly nourish their idol. Puffing up the indifference of my empty breast, I started to sing some much-loved song, preferring to evade the surveillance of these two violent beings, whose presence is overly indiscreet, overly simultaneous, with a handsome absent man memory without jealousy.

I scarcely know how to care for the ones I love!

Constructed Realities: Claude Cahun’s Created World in Aveux Non Avenus.

That should be enough for the whole solar system. But this year I find its beauty cold and admire it without loving it. Say it, I beg you, shout it — that you have to be left in peace! My interpretation of it betrays me. B — When other people annoy me. Since evidence of her innocence was not forthcoming, she was charged and imprisoned, while she repeated in a monotonous tone — like a cow ruminating — really having lost her head on this occasion: Though my heart feels completely the opposite, my words of welcome are rough, lashing him as they force their way out of my soft, contracted mouth; my eyes are shining and burning with the tears they have not shed… Did I ever once show him any anger, or malice, despite this week of suffering?


Will you tell that person I am expecting him in my next book. A reward is offered. Editions du Carrefour, However, inthe idea of moving to Jersey–not to mention trepidations about the occupation of Paris–may not yet have broken the horizon of their conscious minds.

This was easy enough: C — My fatigue, my rheumatism, my poor blood circulation, my imperfect earth-bound reasoning. Repellent attractions for the great fairground of human flesh… Behind. C — Certainly not, quite the opposite. Imperfect as I am, will I dare insist that it never leaves me, never tires of me? Them — Is he really needed?

I will stand upright on the dune, braced nkn the desire to fall, but blinded by the whiteness of a night of spume and sand. No-one else in cllaude world gets so 42 much nnon of me.

Pure stoicism, maybe some pride…In reality I have a huge avdux for other people. It would be so simple to chat or so it seems to me: I willingly wait for him. A horror of taking the initiative, of anything new, risking failure. There is a sign here too: What does it matter to me, Passerby, if I provide you with a mirror to see yourself in, all be it a distorting mirror and signed by my own hand?