Search in CATU catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. P1_Offshore Installations -Oct 02 At the present time, CATU Safety Equipment, including all the range of short-circuiting and. FORSOND was acquired by CATU in and gradually stood out as the In , the company merges with CATU but keeps all the specificities of its job.

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A ring on spool adapts ribbon at desired length. Ideal for all horizontal works. Weight It has 2 harness rings with screw gate karabiners.

Self locking mechanism and automatic tensioning and return facility. Equipped with 2 steel snap hooks with automatic locking. EN Double lanyard Can be connected to the harness by locking cxtu screw karabiners.

Voltage V admissible max. Absence of an audible signal when there is no discrepancy between the two phases. Reference Size g CG One size 20 mm Dimensions g Cotton mittens, limit the effects of perspiration and its fingerless gloves shape allowing to keep the maximum of dexterity.

Plm300 pdf download

There are 2 main types of insulating gloves: Transparent plastic window for instructions. Delivered in plastic case. AL ring Lg 70 mm M Carrying bag for the kit. Rear loop for belt and snaps. Made entirely from aluminium alloy. Yellow colour elements, with superior characteristics, they are connected between them without any prior order of 20111. Isolated bronze jaws designed to axially grip conductors can be used on threaded bolts or shanks and nuts.


Wall mounted supports For sticks and voltage detectors. Explosive atmosphere Safety shunt and accessories Earthing coil Earthing coil for explosive atmospheres Zones 0, 1, 2. Guying equipment Used whenever pole stability is doubtful. Insulating ring spanner 13 x 17 and 14 x 16 mm. High mechanical resistance to bending and twisting. Chrome – molybdenum vanadium steel blade.

Plm pdf download

Catallgue silicon sheath according to IEC Comes complete with case, dimensions: Sensor in the form of a bent finger enabling removal and reinstallation of the terminal insulating cover. Furthermore, it enables the most moist and conductive layers to be reached. Characteristics Reference Lead set for checks on L. An electric arc follows a short circuit. Connector for cable 8 mm.

Flexible cable, double isolation 1. Semirigid red fabric top with elastic on the cataloge. This tests all of the detector’s active components once the TEST button is released.

Case measuring x x mm. Protection against electric arcs of short-circuits. Vatu hook on one ribbon end and another on spool. This compact serie voltage detector is designed to be carried easily by operators.


CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue 2012-2013

For short circuiting and earthing system. Chinstrap with Velcro fastening. The workers must receive suitable and specific training in the operations considered and in the rescue procedures.

Removal of the minimum height of 3 m: Fixation C or K. All of these posters comes in kits that were specially cau by CATU to get your substations in compliance. Glove Cath, Classes, and Categories. M Storage bag Reference M Characteristics mm x x 70 Flexible storage bag with handle. Forged steel climbers for round wooden poles NFS Hard forged steel.

Angled connector no undeceived.

UV and IR radiation. Pair of insulating gloves.

Collective protective equipment for preventing electrical hazards contains all the products that close off the hazard by: Catalogue available upon request.

All our gloves provide greater comfort and hygiene when used. IP2X connection wells from the test-lead point. PPE within the framework of electrical safety recommendations. Its main functions are to monitor and measure most types of residual differential devices RDDs AC or A, specifically cafu following parameters: