The Boipatong Massacre (pictured throughout) was an incident involving a mass attack by armed men who lived in the Inkatha Freedom. ‘Violence spiral’ led to Boipatong massacre. VANDERBIJLPARK — The growing spiral of violence in the Vaal Triangle that led to the Boipatong massacre in. The Boipatong massacre revisited. SAIRR Website Comment 30 November . The credibility of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

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The massacre happened against a backdrop of dread in the townships, especially close to Joburg where the notorious hostels were often flashpoints.

What proof was there of police involvement? Outside, there were police roadblocks and police guards. The injury still affects her physically to this day: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the other side of the small township, young couples, dressed to the nines, made a grand entrance at Ebuhleni Divine Food, a local shebeen and restaurant, cars hooting and house music ripping massace air waves.

The Boipatong massacre: 20 years on

Place in Gauteng, South Africa. Retrieved from ” https: This was the same place where the Delmas Treason Trial had been heard in the s and since that trial, a wooden and glass barrier had been erected to separate the accused, lawyers, court officials and the judge from the public gallery. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

A criminal trial held inwhich included testimony of Boipatong residents, convicted Boipagong supporters of crimes in the massacre, but ruled that the police had played no part in it. For me, this is when my father died.

A serious and dedicated policeman, he later told the family he wished he had not been part of the mission — or even a policeman at all. Khanyile told amssacre amnesty committee he witnessed attacks on his fellow Zulu-speaking hostel dwellers on the weekend before the massacre. He said the continual attacks by ANC supporters on anyone with any Zulu or IFP connections led to the decision to plan a counter attack on the nearby Boipatong township. The hostel dwellers who killed the residents were Inkatha Freedom Massacr IFP ,assacre who later confessed in the TRC they were transported maassacre government police cars and led by white police officers who painted their faces black.


None of these people the government have tried to assist me. His first big break came with the now-defunct Politically Black inthe nation’s first Black political news portal. It stated that there was no evidence of police collusion in the killings. When he did come back, he beat my mother. He said the project was initiated in and that it would include a community youth centre.

They had just returned from the graveside of a popular local activist.

South Africa’s Boipatong Massacre Took Place On This Day In

A dark but important moment came inwhen apartheid assassin Ferdi Barnard revealed to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC that hit men had indeed given guns to hostel dwellers to carry out a series of massacres across the Reef. It is the product of almost two decades of research and includes analyses, chronologies, historical documents, and interviews from the apartheid and post-apartheid eras.

Themba Khoza, the IFP Youth Brigade leader at the time, had been caught with other men at the Sebokeng hostel two years before with guns and hand grenades, and there were claims that illegal weapons that had been confiscated were handed on to Vlakplaas, intended for the IFP.

Forgotten But it is painful to see Boipatong still looking as it masscare back in Employees call cops on black hotel guest talking on his cellphone. Locals said they’ve massacrf prohibited from visiting the massxcre site as contractors are denying people access, claiming they haven’t been paid for work done.

Damage done On August 7the victims of the Boipatong massacre relived the events of that dreadful night and implicated the police during a session of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the Sebokeng College of Education. The people of Boipatong called them the Zulus, and indeed, boiptaong IFP was held responsible for the blood and violence.


Remembering the horror of the Boipatong massacre

Her family members would be among the 45 victims of the Boipatong massacre, one of the bloodiest mass killings in South Massavre. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Court D, at a small circuit courthouse in Delmas, was quiet. The TRC report, however, found that ‘KwaMadala residents, with the police, planned and carried out’ the killings.

Elizabeth Hlubi, another survivor of the massacre, was injured when she was stabbed on the left side of her body, just below her armpit.

He vaguely remembers what happened that day in June, because he was very young and did not see any people die. This Gauteng location article is a stub. The KwaMadala hostel, once a notorious Zulu migrant-worker stronghold, is now home to all ethnic groups, most of whom are squatters from surrounding informal settlements. Check date values in: There had already been accusations of collusion involving the notorious Vlakplaas death squads, which fell under Eugene de Kock.

But it was a shameful peace. After Biopatong he became violent and drank whenever he felt like it — it was no longer a weekend thing.

Politics Jeanette Chabalala He stopped talking almost boipahong and would not leave the house. Views Read Edit View history.

I believe our mission was planned to look as though the police were protecting and helping the residents … but the damage was done.