I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia (setting), Ars Malefica. I asked in the prior update what you’d like to see next for Aquelarre, and the result was a virtual dead-heat between Asturies Medievalia. Gonzalo Peláez (died March ) was the ruler of the Asturias from to , during the .. Asturiensia medievalia, 2()– Reilly, Bernard F. The.

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He is not, however, cited as tenente holding Luna in any surviving documents, and the king may not have fulfilled his part of the accord, though the Chronica says that he ordered Luna turned over to him “in order to avoid any further rebellion. While you’re at the site, you should go to the home page to catch the ad for Mage: Cabell is working on the long, three-part adventure from the GM Screen that did not get unlocked in this project, and that virtually completes the Saeptum Arbitri because the other portions have been added to this project.

Gonzalo Peláez

In my opinion Saeptum and Ars Malefica should go first, then some of the adventures: So I won’t need to hide from you at the convention! Posted Jun 14, Harry Potter el juego de miniaturas Harry Potter el juego de miniaturas medlevalia un juego de mesa de miniaturas For me, adventures are always the best.


Gonzalo undersigned four asfuries on 26 Mayand participated in the business of the royal court a week later 2 June.

The Chronica records that “whomever they caught, they sent away with his hands cut off,” which “was done for several days”.

Adventures are always welcome but not all at once.

Asturies Medievalia | Forum | BoardGameGeek

If not, then prepare to fight. I’m not flagging this update as backer-only so that other pre-order supporters of Aquelarre can find information here.

Of course, I’d love to have your support for the new project as well. As far as I can determine, the best Aquelarre supplement is Ars Malefica, hands down. Asturies Medievalia, Ars Maleficia and Bestiarium Hispania are the ones that will appeal to me the most.

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*

By July he had received the tenencia of Asturias de Oviedowhich he held until April The Moods of the Mad King And last, Alan Bahr, who will be instrumental in Nocturnal Media’s future of more timely Kickstarter delivery, has a fourth project of his own currently live.

Available now in your backer-only Dropbox is Chapter Eleven, which describes the setting of Aquelarre: Lorenz DasStiftMelinda Louiseand 6 more people like this update.

But after Ars Malefica I’d think Daemonolatreia would be the natural or unnatural followup.

But please no Symbaroum rubbish. When Gonzalo realised how many of his knights had been captured he negotiated a year-long truce a “mutual covenant of peace” in the words of the Chronica.

Bartonn1. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been on everyone I can only speak for myselfbut now comes the point where we have to push forward, past the pain, sorrow, and confusion, and this update is the first step down that road.


This voting leaves everything in pretty much a dead heat! The author of the Chronicaan obvious partisan of Alfonso VII, notes caustically that he “caught a fever and died an exile in a foreign land. The Chronica reports that “he had killed the horse the King was riding, along saturies several men.

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English* by Stewart Wieck — Kickstarter

The text is almost completed! If you carry out these terms, there will be peace between you and Alfonso VII. Both of these project creators have outstanding track records on Kickstarter, so please take a look!

Adventures or better yet astiries campaign. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at my email: Be aware, at this point, anything more concrete than “We’re making plans, decisions and figuring out how to move forward” is unlikely, so please be patient with us. Stewart Wieck time creator on June 12, This voting leaves everything in pretty much a dead heat!

As editor Roderick has been saying, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel!