Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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And we, with the other two ships, that is to say, the flagship named Trinitateand the other the Victoryremained waiting for them within the Bay, where in the night we had a great storm, which lasted till the next day at midday, and during which we were forced to weigh the anchors and let the ships go hither and thither about the bay.

These having come to the town, found a great number of people and their king with them, all alarmed by the artillery which had been fired.

When she saw it, she had a greater desire to be a Christian, and, asking for baptism, she was baptised and named Jehanne, like the mother of the emperor. On the opposite side to the sail, they have a large piece of wood, pointed above, with poles across, which are in the water, in order to go more securely pihafetta sail: Related articles in Google Scholar. The captain-general was sitting in a chair of red velvet, and near him were the principal men of the ships sitting in leather chairs, and the others on the ground on mats.

Obert About Dwight D. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pifafetta Connect email alert.

THE VOYAGE OF MAGELLAN: The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta by Antonio Pigafetta | Kirkus Reviews

When we were anntonio the middle of this open sea we saw a cross of five stars, very bright, straight, in the west, and they are straight one with another. The first of these puts on her head a handkerchief which she ties on her forehead so as to make two horns, and taking another handkerchief in her hand, dances and sounds her trumpet, and invokes the Sun.

Now in order to decypher the commencement of my voyage very illustrious lord ; having heard that there was in the city of Seville, a small armade to the number of five ships, ready to perform this long voyage, that is to say, to find pugafetta islands of Maluco, from whence the spices come: Most users should sign in with their email address.

These people have their hair cut short and clipped in the manner of monks with a tonsure: Type of Item Manuscripts. This the king granted, and I went with another.

Pigafetta belonged to a rich family city of Vicenza in northeast Italy. Julian, about five months, during which there happened oigafetta us many strange things, antonlo which I will tell a part.


Magellan’s Voyage around the World. After that, when it was late, we went with the ships near to the houses and abode of antono king.

Antonio Pigafetta – Wikipedia

But in going away pigaetta of those two who were sent away, untied his hands and escaped, running with such lightness that our jokrnal lost sight of him, and he went away where his companions were staying; but he found nobody of those that he had left with the women because they had gone to hunt.

The eldest son of the king, who was the prince, came where we were, and the king told him to sit down near us, which he did; then two dishes were brought, one of fish, with its sauce, and the other of rice, and this was done for us to eat with the prince.

Then, embracing one another, they took leave. Besides the above-mentioned things, this one who was in the ship with us, told us by signs that he had seen devils with two horns on their heads, and long hair down to their feet, and who threw out fire from their mouths and rumps. Slavery after Rome, — The women also go naked, except that they cover their nature with a thin bark, pliable like paper, which grows between the tree and the bark of the palm.

In a short time they built a house for us, as they imagined that we should remain a long time with them, and, at our departure thence, they gave us a large quantity of verzin. The captain said this to the Moor, because he was more intelligent than the others, and for him to relate it all to the King of Zzubu. The first one always speaks in a low tone to the sun, and the second answers her. Bell About Charles C.

Vincent, which, according to cosmography, is in thirty-seven degrees of latitude, at twenty miles distance from the said port; and from the aforesaid town to this port by the river there are thirty-five or forty miles. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. They make the fire to warm themselves right under their bed. On Sunday, the last day of March, and feast of Easter, the captain sent the chaplain ashore early to say mass, and the interpreter went with him to tell the king that they were not coming on shore to dine with him, but only to hear the mass.

Kalaw About Teodoro M. Therefore, my lord, it will please you to hear that finding myself in Spain in the year of the Nativity of our Lord, one thousand five hundred and nineteen, at the court of the most serene king [2] of the Romans, with the reverend lord, Mons. These carry their children fastened to their neck, and they are inside a thing made pigafwtta cotton in the manner of a net. The ships fired all their atnonio at the elevation of the body of our Lord.



In the island belonging to the king who came to the ship there are mines of gold, which they find in pieces as big as a walnut or an egg, by seeking in the ground. Departing thence as far as forty nine degrees and a half in the Antarctic heavens as we were in the winterwe entered into a port to pass the winter, and jornal there two whole months without ever seeing anybody.

The king and all his people were reassured. The Monday of Passion week, the 25th of March, and feast of our Lady, in the afternoon, and being ready to depart from this place, I pigavetta to the side of our ship to fish, and putting my feet on a spar to go down to the store room, [] my feet slipped, because it had rained, and I fell into the sea without any one seeing me, and being near drowning by luck I found at my left hand the sheet of the large sail which was in the sea, I caught hold of it and began to cry out till they came to help and pick me up with the boat.

The manner in which he retained them was that he gave them many knives, forks, mirrors, bells, and glass, and they held all these things in their hands. Found at these bookshops Searching – please wait From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After the cross had been pigafefta on that mountain, each one said the Paternoster and Ave Maria, and adored it, and the kings did the like. The work is attributed to Antonio Pigafetta, a Venetian scholar who was born in Vincenza, Italy, around and who accompanied Magellan on the voyage.

Its inhabitants are not Christians, and adore nothing, but live according to the usage of nature, rather bestially than otherwise. In this place they found incense, and ostriches, foxes, sparrows, and rabbits [62] a good deal smaller than ours. We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to ojurnal.

These people live with justice, and good weight and measure, loving peace, and are people who love ease and pleasure. It is quite joufnal when it was first published and what language had been used in the first edition. This place was formerly called the Cape of St.

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The ancient drawing was based on a statue in the Civic Museum of Vicenza, originally coming from St. The captain spoke at length on the subject of peace, and prayed God to confirm it in heaven. Monday, the 18th of March, after dinner, we saw a boat come towards us with nine men in it: