: Young Adam (Oneworld Modern Classics) (): Alexander Trocchi: Books. Alexander Trocchi, the author of Cain’s Book and Young Adam, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in During the s and s he lived mainly in Paris . So begins Cain’s Book, Alexander Trocchi’s incredible novel of existential dread. Young Adam, its predecessor, is better known, but the latter is.

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This was a time when Hugh MacDiarmid was king of all he surveyed, and you were either for him or agin him. I haven’t even got to the end of the book.

The novel is described as a Thriller. The hard lives that the characters live are well described, with sex seen as a small escape from the drudgery of everyday living. There’s youny horrible arrogance about that.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. The motor cranes and the decks of the other scows tied up round about are deserted.

Dec 12, Ina Lenca rated it liked it. Imagery relating to the industrial landscape are usually depicted by the use again of painterly colours and textures, in particular, smoke also Joe chain smokes rrocchi.

Young Adam

I felt a devastating sense of loss for something which I had never had, and it didn’t occur to me that that something was a thing which no one ever possesses for the simple reason that it is something which is created in being seen and which exists only for the spectator without whom it could never become an object to tantalize. Trocchi’s drifter is one of a long line of literary drifters; amoralist facing moral dilemma.

And because of the great film I read the book which was just as good. You would be mistaken to think that Trocchi intends him as a hero. This is not a light read but it is a very good read! Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles.

In the Scotland of the s, Joe is a loner who aimlessly wanders the countryside, sleeping with whatever woman is to hand, despite his apparent lack of charm or other attractiveness.


Young Adam – Wikipedia

The outspoken Mullan, on the other hand, is rather goung about Trocchi: This book is a discovery of his inner self. May 26, Jeff rated it really liked it Shelves: Trocchi’s writing is damn good and this book in it’s few hundred pages was captivating and quite melancholic. Just as good and compelling on second read. He wasted a lot of his talent through self-indulgence, through not being able to discipline himself and control his darker side.

I picked up this book because most of the reviewers said that it reminded them of The Outsider by Albert Camus. It is now just after five in the afternoon. Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Trocchi’s descriptive powers are mesmerising: I’m sure it was written to be read by fellow pre-liberation brutal ’50s men and a silly bint like me should get back to peeling spuds and leave books to the real, male, people, but even without my feminist sensibilities I’d have problems with the plotless drift of the work.

Here, the narrator who is working on a barge going down a Scottish canal falls for aledander skipper’s wife.

Return of the outsider

Lawrence’s classic book Lady Chatterley’s Lover but that one is wordy being the old-school literary type of English novels. Everything got in the way the faces, the voices, the grease-sp After reading what some prominent critics have said about this book, perhaps I have underrated yohng.

And I was right. View all 13 comments.

It’s a battle between the truth that he knows and the truth that he accepts. His style was reminiscent of Burroughs and other writers belonging to the Beat generation. InTrocchi shocked an Edinburgh writers’ conference by stating: Smoke over the black waters, with their depths and smells or is it sounds, or is it a mix of sound and smell, as is suggested troccchi either the writer or the writer behind the writer or the protagonist: I’d love to see Stuart David go in this direction.


Oct 30, Nigel Bird rated it really liked it. In his sometimes confusion, this is a comfort to him and ykung mentioned throughout. I read a little of the life of Trocchi before I read this and his abilities as a poet do not go unused in this book. When I was in my early 20’s I was obsessed with the Rebel Inc series. Apart from that, this novel is everything you could ask for. Mildly sexy and disturbing.

This first novel by Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi is an absorbing existential thriller – a lost gem of world literature reminiscent of Camus, Bukowski, and Burroughs. Gosh, it starts out with the body of a naked woman being pulled out of the water and ends with an innocent man being sentenced to hang for her murder while the real murderer sits in the audience in court describing stuff existentially.

Young Adam – Alexander Trocchi – Google Books

After experiencing both, Ttrocchi still have no idea who the Adam of the title is supposed to be, because nobody in the story has that nomenclature, even Joe, the chain-smoking character who narrates the entire tale in first person. The affair between Jack and Ella is in the beginning incredibly fraught with sexual tension, despite the fact it appears to come out of nowhere, and I thought that the relationship was very well portrayed.

I had a sense of foreboding which culminated in the macabre fairground scene towards the end, intermingled with Joe’s thoughts of the dead woman, an old lover of his. A simple, direct prose and candid tone of voice belies a rich texture of ethical quandaries. He was writing about human morality, or the lack of it, and existential angst when most Scottish writers were still obsessed with notions of belonging, nationality and identity.

Some of the passages were quite breathtaking and unusual.