Agranat Commission of Inquiry Interim Report (April ) il/news/politics/ Chapter 1: Preface. 1. Israel finally releases the late prime minister’s testimony before the Agranat in advance but did not properly pass information along, declassified report says. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper.

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According to the Report: He knew what was going on in the fronts, he knew this is aganat source he could hear something important from, he got the codeword chemicals, which meant war and he went.

The Agranat Commission

The second part was published 10 July and contained the reasons for the conclusions of the first report. Formerly, this sound was often represented by chespecially in German transliterations of Hebrew. Many years later, a National Security Council was created to implement one of the Commission’s recommendations. Individual entries may be cited with credit to The Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Zionism and Israel.

Israelis can only hope lessons were truly learned.

Particular criticism relates to its exoneration of the country’s political leadership, especially Defense Minister Dayan. As Israel marks 40 years since its traumatic war, all eyes are on Syria and its chemical weapons. This report caused public agranwt and unhappiness in the army. The third and final Agranat Report, which the Commission submitted to the government and the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on January 30,covers 1, pages and is divided into seven volumes.

Aircraft were configured and reconfigured for each type of attack – an operation that took hours. Marwan has wrongly been cast as a Mossad agent in several sources, but he was not.

Questions and Answers Why Yom Kippur day?

Minister Yisrael Galili asked to hold an urgent meeting as soon as the prime minister returned to Israel. How did the war stop? This was made public in January As is true of the second report, its contents were heavily censored and inaccessible to the general public.


Committee member, former Chief of General Staff Yigael Yadinasked Meir invasive questions, compared to other members, who defended her. Israeli Military in politics. A warning that would allow time for the orderly call up of reserves. These discoveries led to the swift enactment of Basic Law: November 12, replrt, Likuda new political party, won 39 seats in the Knesset.

Military intelligence also thought that Syria would only attack if Egypt did. The Agranat Commission was founded according to a decision of the government made on November 18,as soon as the separation of forces agreement with Egypt was signed.

Agranat Commission

Bomb in a book was opened by a different top Iraqi official, repotr him, Israel TV documentary reveals; agents also sent bomb that injured top Nazi Alois Brunner in Damascus. The commission’s report was published in three parts. Meir criticized the defense minister. Inthis special committee, spearheaded by Chairman Justice Yitzhak Engelhard, has gradually approved the publication of about fifty testimonies, which have attracted substantial public interest.

Likewise the Agranat Commission determined that “It is essential that the Prime Minister have access to policy, military and other evaluations that are collated and based on different points of view and do not come from a singe pipeline. After the warning was received, on the morning of Yom Kippur, the regular armored force did not deploy on the Suez canal front, and no clear order was given to the head of the Southern Command General Gonenregarding how to deploy to zgranat the expected attack.

Evidently, he had asked for a general call up of reserves on the morning of Yom Kippur and was refused.

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Despite predictions that the north is staying calm, war over missiles looms large on the horizon; and Hamas shows it can still undermine Israel even with its tunnels exposed. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat As Minister of Defense, Dayan had overall responsibility for the lack of readiness of IDF, and for IDF intelligence failures, as well as for not recommending an immediate call up of reserves either on Friday or Saturday morning before the attack. It is the same sound as a.


She was asked first to talk about the warning signs to the war. He took it in good spirit, but I felt he wasn’t convinced. The Army “, clarifying the IDF’s legal status. Presented to the Israeli government on April 1,this booklet of about forty pages was widely discussed on the front pages of Israeli newspapers immediately upon its publication.

Agranat Commission

The Agranat Commission determined that the head of AMAN military intelligence had the major, direct and personal responsibility for the intelligence failures. The Agranat Commission determined that Shmuel Gonen Gorodish “Did not properly fulfill his duties and he is responsible in large part of the dangerous situation in which our forces were caught. The assessment is that it was information that Jordan ‘s King Hussein gave Meir during their meeting a day earlier, a meeting about Syria and Egypt’s intent to start war.

Out of pages, divided into two volumes, the Commission approved the publication of no more than six introductory pages. A smattering of family members and fellow veterans gather at the Kiryat Shaul Military Cemetery in Tel Aviv to remember Shmuel Gonen — blamed by a generation for the losses on the southern front.

Had the Israeli crossing towards the canal realized the military objective of Israel? He was also instrumental in maintaining morale during the war.

The conclusions of the report inspired the creation of an advisor to the Prime Minister on intelligence matters, and of a special AMAN military intelligence unit tasked with the creation of a situation evaluation that is the opposite of the accepted one.

The final replrt of the report was published on 30 January