(wife) of .. make this affidavit in support of a Joint Petition for Divorce, pursuant to Massachusetts General. In Massachusetts, the “no fault” grounds for divorce is called “Irretrievable This statement is called an “Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown of the Marriage. Some cases from Massachusetts courts have offered some interpretation. Here are the blanks that must be filled in on the sworn affidavit: In particular, our marriage has suffered an irretrievable breakdown because.

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Adultery is not used very often. You can find a Notary Public at a bank. DivorceWriter will provide you with the appropriate financial statement depending on the income information you provide in the online interview. If the breakdown of the marriage occurred in Massachusetts, then all that is required is that the spouse that files for divorce lives in Massachusetts.

Both spouses should receive a Notice of Uncontested Trial in the mail about weeks after the divorce is filed. If your spouse is unable to attend the hearing due to excessive travel costs, select “no” to the applicable question on this page.

Massachusetts Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown

Parents can also choose to share joint physical custody of the child ren or designate one parent as the custodial parent, either with or without vistation for the non-custodial parent. The divorce becomes final 90 days after Judgment of Divorce Nisi. In Massachusetts, you must file a certified copy of your marriage certificate along with your divorce papers.


You need to choose a “grounds” legal reason for your divorce. It is irretdievable of date.

What if one spouse is living in another state or in a foreign country? Sample testimony will be included with your DivorceWriter package. You also have to show that this has hurt you physically you have gotten sick or puts you in iretrievable of physical harm.

DivorceWriter will provide this affidavit at no additional cost.

Will either of us be required to attend a court hearing? When can a child support order be modified in Massachusetts? Where do I obtain a certified copy of my marriage certificate?

However, if neither spouse irretrieable in the county where the spouses last lived together, the divorce can be filed in the county where either spouse lives. You and your spouse will be filing a Joint Petition for Divorcewhich each of you will sign in front of a Notary Public. The Notice contains the date and time for the final hearing.

One grounds for getting divorced is that you simply do not get along with your spouse anymore and you do not want to be married. This grounds is based on how long the sentence is, not how much time he actually spends in prison. There are two “no fault” grounds and seven “fault” grounds.


Massachusetts Divorce Self-Help Center | DivorceWriter

The “fault” grounds for divorce are: If your spouse has any problem locating a Notary Public outside of the U. You need to wait six months after filing the papers before you can ask for a trial date.

What options do we have for our real estate? If breakdowb are unable to do so, you must use the guideline amount.

Massachusetts Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown | US Legal Forms

You and your spouse file for divorce together. Under Massachusetts law, both spouses are required to attend irretievable divorce hearing. Who to call for help Call if you are in danger right now. How do I serve my spouse with the divorce papers in Massachusetts? You agree on all of the decisions you have to make in the divorce, like child custody, support, money, and property.

Complete with enough details?