Download manual Acura RDX Manual Description ACURA RDX MMC North America Owner’s M 50 31STK enu, (Date sold original. Acura RDX – Navigation Manual ( pages) Acura RDX – Owner’s Manual ยท Acura RDX – Advanced Technolgy Guide. Your selection of a Acura RDX was a wise investment. . RDX Online Reference Owner’s Manual Refer to the navigation system manual.

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See the navigation system Tire Pressure and Fluid Levels. The lock tab on each passenger’s door locks and unlocks only that door. Page RDX To return the seat cushion to its original position, lift up the seat cushion, then place the rear of the seat cushion at the base of the acyra back.

Put the undercover in place. HFL will ask you which phone you want to delete.

Page 47 RDX Placing a forward-facing child seat in the front seat can result in serious injury or death if the front airbag inflates. Page You select a memorized position by pushing the appropriate button or using the appropriate remote transmitter Memory 1 or Memory 2. Pay close attention to the pleats and seams.

Page The fan speed is represented by vertical bars in the display. If a label comes off or becomes hard to read except for the U. To make a call using the navigation display on models with navigation system: Stereo reproduction on AM is not available. If you have front side window tinting, installed, be aware that tint has, is because the GPS antenna located, the navigation system can distract your.


Driving Position Memory System If you want to add a new position while retaining the current one, use the other memory button. Oil, perspiration, or a scratch on the glass can cause the bulb to overheat and shatter.

This will keep the seat warm. Page When the malfunction indicator is illuminated, the system may not be able to detect or signal low tire pressure as intended.

Owner’s Manuals | Acura RDX | Acura Owners Site

Page 79 Multi-Information Display U. Page 56 When you install the child seat in the rear center seating position, you cannot use the seat belt behind the driver’s seat. You will also see this message when the auto control mode of the starter system has a problem.

January 1, are required to have external entrapment protection systems, such as an electronic eye, which detect an object obstructing the door. Page Push the selector to the right side to skip forward and to the left drx to skip backward.

Failure to follow these instructions could damage the sensors or prevent them from working properly. In some states, it may be illegal to perform some data device functions while driving.

Acura RDX Owners Manuals

After completing the pass, take your foot off the accelerator pedal. VSA is turned on every time you ownres the engine, even if you turned it off the last time you drove the vehicle.


Remove the two screw covers on In the multi-information display, the Once the remote LED blinks twice, release the buttons. Push down manhal the key while you press the release button on the shift lever and move the shift lever out of Park to neutral. Page Check Now option. Page 74 Fog Light Indicator This indicator comes on when you turn on the fog lights.

Zone 11 RDX Windshield Wipers And Washers While the vehicle is stopped and in gear, the wipers sweep the windshield whenever you remove your foot from the brake pedal.


To help guide you desired, GPSa network of 24 satellites orbit, yaw sensor and vehicle speed sensor, in your vehicle keep track.

Page The intercooler fins bend easily. To save paper and time, you can download the latest manuals now. Before Driving The information in this section will help you. Page Each time you press and release the SCAN button, the mode changes from scan, to folder scan, to disc scan, then to normal play.

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Emergency Towing The rear tires remain on the ground. Do not cover the sensors or spill any liquid on them.